October 10, 2019

The Best Social Media Content Ratio for Businesses


As a business owner, you are probably already aware that posting regularly to all of your business social media channels is an essential component of your digital marketing strategy. But do you plan your social media content in advance? Or do you have a tendency to post at random? If you don’t carefully consider how […]


Understanding the Buyer’s Journey (for Home and Local Services) - VitalStorm

October 1, 2019

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey (for Home and Local Services)


How do you get someone who knows nothing about you to first pay attention, and then, give you money? Frankly, it’s difficult and there are a lot of steps involved. It’s kind of like dating. You need enough charm, confidence, and likeability to get a date in the first place. Then, if you don’t uphold […]

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September 13, 2019

How to Use Social Stories to Advertise Your Business


If you use personal social media accounts, you have definitely seen the “stories” feature pop up at the very top of your apps. These fun tidbits offer insight on what your friends are doing day-to-day. But how can you translate this feature into a component of your social media marketing strategy? Businesses ranging from major […]

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diy content marketing

August 30, 2019

DIY Content Marketing: How to Repurpose Your Content on Different Platforms


Content marketing can seem like a chore—especially if you’re comparing yourself to committed content marketing experts like Neil Patel and Gary Vaynerchuk. Where do they get all this time to produce all this content? It seems like they’re always making videos and writing several-thousand-word blogs. Don’t they have families? Do they ever take a vacation? […]

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August 23, 2019

Micro-Influencers: The Newest Social Media Trend


Whether you are a digital marketing guru or just a casual social media user, you have definitely heard of influencers. Social media celebrity profiles with millions of followers hanging on their every word (and listening to their product recommendations) have become a normal part of social media culture. But have you ever heard the term […]

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