How Chatbots Can Help Your Local Service Business - VitalStorm

February 14, 2020

How Chatbots Can Help Your Local Service Business


Businesses that don’t use chatbots are quickly falling behind the competition. That’s because consumers are getting more and more accustomed to around-the-clock service. According to HubSpot research, 82% of consumers think an immediate response from brands on marketing or sales questions is “important” or “very important.” In a world of one-hour deliveries, instant information, and […]

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January 30, 2020

How to Market Local Services on Instagram: Pro Tips and Tricks


There are over one billion monthly active users on Instagram – that’s over one billion potential followers for your business. According to Statistica, there were also an estimated 25 million business profiles on Instagram during the last reported period. So, how can you ensure you are reaching your local target market? Well, the social media […]

January 17, 2020

12-Point Landing Page Checklist


      In a digital marketing space, a landing page is the separate page that shows up whenever you click on a link in an email or on ads from Google, Facebook, YouTube etc. While webpages allow users to explore, check out various links and components of a website, a landing page is much […]

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So the Removal of Instagram Likes Is Imminent – Now What? - VitalStorm

December 19, 2019

So the Removal of Instagram Likes Is Imminent – Now What?


Anyone working in the marketing sphere knows how important social media is to a business’s brand. In fact, it’s now a necessity for businesses to invest in their social media presence. Whether through in-app ads or influencer marketing, social media campaigns are a must. Facebook-owned Instagram understands the value of their platform more than anyone, […]

YouTube Ads vs. Traditional Google Search Ads | Pros and Cons - VitalStorm

December 16, 2019

YouTube Ads vs. Google Search Ads | Pros and Cons


While they shouldn’t be seen in opposition to each other, it’s important to understand the differences between YouTube Ads and Google Search Ads (pay-per-click). YouTube Ads vs. Google Ads Google Search Ads Regular Google Search ads are great, especially for local businesses. Year after year, this is the main form of advertising that we use […]

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