Digital marketing is ever-changing, and so is online content. That’s why it’s important to stay ahead of the curve as a marketer. With the development of artificial intelligence (AI), businesses everywhere have been presented with many tools and opportunities to streamline their processes while enhancing their online presence at the same time. However, as we dive deeper into the topic of AI-generated content, a new challenge emerges: how do we leverage these technologies and tools without jeopardizing our SEO efforts?

Can AI-Generated Content Impact Search Engine Rankings?

In the wake of Google’s March 2024 Core Update, many people are wondering if AI-generated content can impact search engine rankings. And the answer is not as clear-cut as you might expect. The answer is it can, sure…. but will it? That’s up to you! Even with AI thrown into the mix, any seasoned marketer will tell you that success in the digital landscape hinges not just on the quantity of content, but its quality and relevance as well. By using 100% AI-generated content, you run the risk of impacting your search engine rankings. This is because Google crawls the web for duplicate content, unauthentic content, and content that isn’t relevant. If Google determines that your content was written by a robot, and also exists somewhere else, it’ll lower your ranking.

So, Where Does AI Fit in to Content Then?

You may be wondering where AI fits into all of this? Can we harness the power of this tool without falling prey to the pitfalls of spammy, low-value content? If you use AI as a tool and not as your content writer, you certainly can. But let’s explore this topic a little more.

At its core, AI-generated content has the potential to revolutionize and change the way we create and distribute content online. Tools like ChatGPT can churn out text at lighting speed, freeing up valuable time and resources for marketers. However, it’s essential to remember that AI is only as good as the data it’s fed and the parameters it’s given. Without proper oversight and guidance, AI-generated content runs the risk of coming across as robotic and devoid of authenticity.

The Human Touch Matters

Nothing beats human writers. Not even robots. While AI can certainly help expedite the content creation process, it’s really the human element that’ll add depth, authenticity, and expertise to your content. You can’t fool Google’s algorithm! It’s like the Santa Claus of the internet. It knows… everything. It’s not fooled by keyword-stuffed fluff. It craves substance and relevance.  By marrying the efficiency of AI with the creativity of human content strategists, we can strike the perfect balance that pleases both the algorithm and our audience.

How to Integrate AI into the Workflow Without Impacting Quality and Relevance

So, how do we navigate the delicate dance between man and machine? The key lies in integrating AI into our workflow while maintaining a critical eye towards quality and relevance. Rather than relying solely on AI to generate content, we should view it as a tool—a means to an end. Human editors and content strategists play a crucial role in refining and shaping AI-generated content, ensuring that it aligns with our brand voice and resonates with our target audience. A human cannot and should not be replaced by AI. Instead, augment human capabilities with AI and embrace creativity and innovation. AI tools like ChatGPT can become a valuable asset in streamlining your content creation process while maintaining the integrity and relevance of your content.

AI is Not the Enemy of SEO; It’s a Powerful Ally

When wielded thoughtfully and strategically, AI can help us scale our content efforts and deliver value to our audience like never before – without impacting SEO. By embracing both AI and human creativity, we can unlock new possibilities and propel our digital marketing efforts to new heights.


So, the next time you’re tempted to let AI take the wheel, remember this: while technology can be a powerful and even necessary tool in your marketing efforts, it’s the human touch that will truly make your content shine in the eyes of both Google and your audience.

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