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      For the local services industry, direct response is the name of the game. Users are searching and intend to take action almost immediately. There is no better digital marketing tool than paid search, when it comes to direct response marketing. When used in mix with other channels like social and organic, paid search can be used as a throttle to scale leads on demand.

      It’s important to understand that in this direct response, demand capture sector of digital marketing, performance of a local search strategy can’t simply be measured by call counts. It should be determined by the quality of leads, and the results they generate for your company. SEE VITAL METRICS

      BRAG: With nearly a decade of experience specializing in paid search for local service companies, we’ve developed proven strategies working with some of the largest names in the local services industry.

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      Standing out in the crowd

      Paid Search is one of the most efficient channels of marketing. How so? Think about it like this: how much more efficient would a billboard campaign, print campaign, or broadcast campaign be if the advertiser only had to pay for the ads when someone who actually wanted their service engaged with it. That is exactly what PPC is.

      The key to standing out among other paid search ads is understanding user intent and serving up the right content, as well as dialing in the most effective target audience. And, since each click costs, most campaigns really should be built and managed by experts rather than someone on staff who is juggling many other tasks.

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      We have such a fantastic working partnership with the VitalStorm team. They do a phenomenal job of responding to our particular needs and providing real, tangible solutions to our business challenges. They are forward-thinking and their insight into the service marketplace has been an integral part of our continued success and growth. We love them and highly recommend them – the VitalStorm team is awesome!


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      Geeking Out On The Numbers

      Data is what drives successful search campaigns. So, it’s imperative to track every lead, as well as the outcome and quality of those leads, so that search campaigns can be refined and optimized for maximum performance. Implementation of machine learning also allows campaigns to be further optimized towards objectives and goals, which is done through smart-bidding platforms. These days, if smart-bidding isn’t part of the strategy, you could be missing out on tons of search demand, and even paying more for less.

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