If you’re paying for marketing, chances are you find yourself asking this question a lot: How Do I Know My Marketing Will Work?

In order to know if your marketing will work, it’s important that you understand the underlying truth of an effective marketing strategy – and that begins with user intent. User intent falls into two main buckets: Permission Advertising and Interruption Advertising. Which channel does your marketing strategy fall under? Is it one or the other – or is it both?

Once you know the user’s intent, you can apply this concept into your marketing strategy and start seeing the results you want.

Want to learn more about user intent, permission advertising and interruption advertising? If you are a Home Service Company Owner, Executive, or Marketing Manager, check out our webinar below!

Key Takeaways:

  • Underlying Truth Of An Effective Marketing Strategy
  • Understanding User Intent
  • Permission Advertising vs. Interruption Advertising
  • 8 Things Your Digital Marketing Agency Should Be Doing For You

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