Digital Marketing Careers

VitalStorm is a growing team of creative thinkers who are passionate about driving leads through local search. Whether it is through PPC, SEO, Social Media, or Web Design, we convert Internet traffic into qualified leads via a unique process of creative design and campaign management that is tailored toward and perfectly suited for the Home Services Industry. Consider some of these digital marketing careers:

Frontend Developer

A Frontend Developer at VitalStorm works to develop websites and landings pages as well as other dynamic web content for various web projects. This team member has a deep understanding of frontend technology and languages, as well as a creative eye and attention to detail. This individual understands and exhibits best practices for developing quality web content. They are current on language standards and practices and grow with every update or change in the development community.

Graphic Designer/Creative Designer

A Graphic Designer at VitalStorm works to design and create graphic content for landing pages, websites, blogs, social media, print, and other. This team member has a creative eye, talent for design, and exhibits attention to detail. This individual understands that their work is visual and seen by all and therefore delivers finished projects with the highest standards of excellence.

Content Writer/Copywriter

A Copywriter at VitalStorm writes content for websites, landing pages, social media, blogs, audio/video scripts, email marketing, and newsletters. This team member has a talent for writing and storytelling. This individual also has excellent research skills and the ability to use proper grammar and style in a variety of different writing voices.

Copywriter Internship

The Copywriter Intern will work closely with the VitalStorm Copy Team, learning SEO copywriting, WordPress publishing, keyword research, and more. This position will focus primarily on writing compelling copy that drives traffic and gets consumed.

Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager at VitalStorm is responsible for managing all social media accounts and blogs for our clients. This person has the writing and graphic skills necessary to create compelling blogs and posts.

PPC Campaign Manager

A campaign manager at VitalStorm takes responsibility for the development and management of a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) accounts. This team member maintains PPC account strategy, ad spend, and lead generation, as well as reporting for assigned clients. They are well versed in advanced PPC concepts and best practices.

Lead Qualifier

Lead Qualifiers for VitalStorm are responsible for reviewing audio files and retrieving/recording selective data into an online database. Applicants Must have basic computer skills and be detail oriented. We are looking to hire a team member who is goal oriented, works within deadlines, and actively works to maintain a fun and healthy work environment.