In today’s digital age, being visible online is crucial for businesses looking to attract local customers. One effective way to increase your online presence and build trust with potential customers as a home service company is by becoming Google Guaranteed through Local Service Ads. In this blog, learn everything there is to know about getting Google Guaranteed. Plus, some of your most asked questions will be answered.

What Does it Mean to Be Google Guaranteed?

It’s a badge of honor if you will. In simple terms, Google Guaranteed is a certification program offered by Google to local service providers. In order to qualify for the Google Guarantee badge, you must first pass a Google screening and go through the verification process through Local Service Ads. When a business is Google Guaranteed, it signifies that Google has verified the authenticity of the business and its services. This certification instills confidence in potential customers and can significantly boost your online visibility, ultimately driving more leads and conversions.

Customers who locate your business via Google’s Local Service Ads can request a refund if they’re unsatisfied with the service provided. For example, if you’re a service provider like an electrician or landscaper and have the Google Guarantee badge, customers have the option to contact Google with their complaints. Furthermore, they can request to be reimbursed after you have finished providing the service.

What Are The Benefits of Local Service Ads?

There are many perks to participating in Google’s Local Service ads, including:google guaranteed, local service, local service ads, google local service, local services, google local services, marketing, marketing agency

  • Be found by potential customers at the very top of Google
  • Build trust and credibility by earning the Google Guaranteed badge
  • Only pay when a customer contacts you directly through your ad, so you are only investing in leads with real potential
  • Offers detailed business information that makes it easy for customers to reach you quickly
    • Your hours of operation
    • Service areas and service offerings
    • Contact details
  • Shows your business reviews and ratings, helping customers evaluate your services based on the experiences of others
  • Allows you to set a weekly budget, giving you full control over your advertising spend
  • Provides performance tracking so you can assess the effectiveness of your advertising efforts

All in all, Google’s Local Service Ads offer local businesses an effective way to boost their online presence, build trust with customers, and generate high-quality leads. The pay-per-lead model, coupled with the Google Guaranteed badge, makes LSAs a compelling option for businesses looking to thrive in the competitive world of local services. This program is really a win-win for both you and your customers.

How to Get Google Guaranteed?

Before you can jump right to being Google Guaranteed, you need to first register for Google Local Service Ads. Once you’ve completed the extensive verification process, you can then have your company featured as Google Guaranteed. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Eligibility Check

First, you have to ensure that your business falls within one of the eligible categories for Local Service Ads. These categories typically include services like plumbing, electricians, HVAC, house cleaning, landscaping, and more within the realm of “home services.” Check if you’re eligible today.

google guaranteed, local service, local service ads, google local service, local services, google local services, marketing, marketing agency2. Create a Google Business Profile

If you don’t already have a Google Business Profile (GBP), then you need to either create one or claim an existing one. This step is crucial as your Google Guaranteed badge will be linked to this profile.

3. Background-Checks and Qualifications

Google will conduct background-checks on your business, as well as your employees – at no cost to you. They focus on areas like criminal history and professional qualifications. It’s important that you make sure your team is well-prepared for this scrutiny. If your company passes the screening process, you’ll receive a badge from Google showing people that you have been prequalified. Keep in mind that this can take up to 3 weeks.

4. Insurance Requirements

Google requires you to have the appropriate insurance coverage. While the specific insurance requirements can vary by location and industry, it often includes general liability insurance. This insurance helps protect customers in case of property damage or bodily injury that occurs during a service appointment.

5. Licenses and Certifications

Make sure your business and employees have the necessary licenses and certifications required for your industry and location. This helps demonstrate your professionalism and competence to potential customers.

5. Reviews and Ratings

Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on your Google Business Profile. High ratings and positive feedback can improve your chances of becoming Google Guaranteed.

6. Compliance with Google Policies

Familiarize yourself with Google’s policies and ensure that your business complies with them. Violating these policies can lead to disqualification from the program.

7. Application Process

Once you’ve met all the eligibility criteria, you can apply for the Google Guaranteed program through your Google Business Profile account. Be prepared to provide detailed information about your business and employees.

What Does it Cost to Be Google Guaranteed?

So, what does it cost to be Google Guaranteed? Short answer: Nothing. Zero. Zilch. The only time you will ever have to pay is when someone contacts you from your Local Service Ads. Even then, you get to set your own budget.  You can spend $200 a month or $25. However, you want to set your budget based on the number of new leads you want. You will receive more leads at $200 a month than you would at $25. To put it simply, the more you spend, the more leads you’ll receive.

What is Bidding on Local Service Ads?

In the context of Local Service Ads (LSAs) on Google, bidding refers to the process by which businesses set a maximum cost per lead that they are willing to pay for a customer inquiry or lead generated through their LSA campaigns. Unlike traditional Google Ads, where bidding is typically done on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, LSAs operate on a pay-per-lead model.

Will Google Guaranteed Automatically Earn Me a Spot at the Top?

You put in a lot of work to earn that badge, but unfortunately the work doesn’t stop there. You still likely have many other service providers in your area with that green badge, offering the same services as you. So, how do you compete for that top spot?

There are a few things you can do to increase your ranking on Local Service Ads.

1. Increase Your Five-Star Ratings and Reviews: When you have a higher star rating and more reviews than your competition, you stand out and usually can book more jobs. The more positive ratings you get, the more exposure you’ll receive through LSAs. In turn, you’ll generate more leads and improve your ranking.

2. Optimize Your Service Types: Choose the right ad settings and the service types that relate to your business. This way, you can show up more places when a customer searches for a particular service.

3. Optimize You Service Areas: Not only should you optimize your service types, but you should also optimize your service areas. You have the ability to set your service area by choosing cities and zip codes where you’d like your ad to show up.

4. Improve Your Business Information: You can showcase different aspects of your business that would appeal to your target audience. For example, if you offer 24/7 service or free estimates. Add as many details as you can so you’ll have a competitive advantage. Businesses who are willing to answer the phone after hours, or on weekends, for example, have priority over businesses with schedules that are more restricted.

5. Respond Quickly to Leads: The quicker you respond to leads that come through Local Service Ads, the better chances you’ll have at ranking at the top. You should still respond even if you don’t think a lead is going to pan out. Your ad rank can take a hit if you’re not responding to every lead that comes to your way – and quickly.

In Conclusion

Becoming Google Guaranteed through Local Service Ads is a valuable step for local service providers looking to stand out in the digital marketplace. By meeting the eligibility criteria, maintaining high standards of service, and abiding by Google’s policies, you can earn the trust of potential customers and enjoy increased visibility in local search results. Remember that the process may take some time, but the benefits of being Google Guaranteed are well worth the effort. So, start the journey to become Google Guaranteed and watch your business thrive in the competitive world of local services.

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