Social media is a large part of our everyday interactions. There are 2.3 billion active social media users around the world, and they are talking. These people are your past and potential clients, wouldn’t you like to join the conversation?


Social media is about creating, building, and nurturing relationships with clients both past and future, as well as building your brand and staying top of mind. You want to be their source for interesting, valuable information. We want to make sure you are seen as a daily source for information, not just a service company they may use every six years.

It’s true, social media will not be your biggest lead generator, but that is not the point. On social media sites, people don’t want to be sold to, so attempting to sell in regular posts is off-putting. As a business on social media, you want to provide value through curated articles or original blog posts at least 3 times before asking for a sale. In the home services industry, since the need for your service isn’t as frequent, you should provide even more value than average. The goal with these informative posts is to build trust, maintain relationships, and remain top of mind to your followers. Then, when one of your follower’s pipe bursts, or their A/C stops working, they will automatically call you, because you have become a trusted source.


Like we said, people are talking, and some are talking about you. Wouldn’t you like to control that conversation? Customer reviews matter. More and more people check reviews before hiring a company, so you should know what they are saying and respond! Here is how we manage the conversation for you:

Scenario 1: Customer A had a great experience and wanted to share that on your Facebook page. They go to your page to leave a glowing review, it’s just rude not to say thank you! People are 71% more likely to recommend a company that responds quickly.

Scenario 2: Customer B had an awful experience, the technician left a mess in their home, they weren’t happy with the work, and they write about it on your Facebook page for the world to see. The best thing to do in this situation is make it right. This shows anyone looking at the reviews that you can handle issues maturely, in the best interest of the client, and most importantly, that you care enough to fix the issues.

What are the goals?

Contrary to popular belief, social media isn’t about the numbers. You can have 5000 followers, but if they are all on different continents and in different markets, it really doesn’t help you much. You need to target specific people in your service area, to bring in the most valuable followers, not just as many as you can find. There is one number we track regularly, and that is engagement. Like we said in the beginning, social media is a conversation. You need to join and we can do it for you.


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