There has been a lot of talk in the industry lately about display advertising and its impact on online marketing. Many of our home service clients have also been inquiring about how they can get involved in this “new” form of advertising. While the term “display ad” has recently grown to encompass a wide variety of digital ad formats, it is nothing new to the web landscape. In the most basic terms, a display ad is any banner ad that appears on a web page. You see them every day on your favorite news and entertainment sites: windows with text and images promoting everything from new cars to the latest superhero film.


The major differences between display ads in the current market, as opposed to just a few years ago, are variety and interactivity. Display ads now encompass many different ad formats and also offer targeted content directly involving the consumer in the experience. They are impactful because they generate conversion and brand awareness from a potential customer who isn’t actively searching for the product or service.

Say a home owner decides one morning they need to start the search for a plumber. Using their laptop at home, they browse a number of local plumbing websites. Later that day at work, as they are visiting their favorite pages online, they come across some engaging ads from one of the plumbing companies they browsed earlier. It’s this kind of targeted message, both personal and familiar, that helps to generate conversion.

A Wide Net

The Google Display Network reaches over 90 percent of all Internet users worldwide. While that statistic alone is impressive enough to lure potential advertisers, it’s the ability to target users in a variety of engaging ways that sets it apart from other contextual advertising networks. A common misconception in the industry is that the Display Network only offers one format: image ads. However, it’s the range and versatility of the formats that allow for a wider, more comprehensive net. There are numerous format and size options encompassing text ads, static or animated image ads, video ads and rich media ads.

Types of Display Advertising

  • Text Ads – Text ads feature a headline and two lines of text describing a product or promotion. You have the flexibility with text ads to run the same design on both the Search and Display Network.
  • Image Ads – Image ads highlight still images or HTML 5 for motion graphics that encompass the entire ad block. These can include photography, illustrations or dynamic colors along with text.
  • Video Ads – Video ads have become very popular on the Display Network through their YouTube property. Through AdWords you can now place a text ad right next to a corresponding video.
  • Rich Media Ads – These ads are more aggressive than typical video ads and come in a few variations. In some versions, a video will begin playing as soon as the web page loads. A more subtle version of the ad will appear on a page until a curser moves over it, causing it to expand and play. Other ads employ more interactive elements that will change depending on the user and their engagement with it.

Display AD

How Can It Help My Home Service Company?

One of the reasons that display ads are so attractive, as mentioned above, is the impressive flexibility. This is especially notable for the home services industry, as the variety of formats allow for more tailored and engaging content. A small-to-midsize plumbing or HVAC company can easily set itself apart from the competition using clear messaging and limited resources. Their ads can also benefit from the massive exposure afforded by the Google Display Network’s reach. There are millions of potential websites and apps that can be uniquely matched to keywords or targeting preferences. Real-time analytics also give the advertiser immediate data on the number of clicks, impressions and conversions of their ads, ensuring a fast, efficient gage of consumer interest.

A Vital Approach      

Vital Storm is a leader in strategic digital marketing solutions for the home service industry. We can help you develop a comprehensive ad strategy for the Google Display Network. When you are ready to take your business to the next level, contact us for a vital approach to marketing. Click here to continue the conversation.

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