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  • Nearly one in five individuals now looks to Facebook to obtain information about a brand or product.
  • Nearly half of those surveyed (42 percent) currently follow or friend a brand on a social networking site.

The key to a successful social media strategy in any industry, including home services, is producing likable content and user engagement.

You can no longer rely only on traditional marketing approaches. You must help your customers understand your brand’s role and relevance with real-time, social media marketing. Social media sets the backdrop for your brand identity.

Social Local Content Marketing Proposal


Blogging fresh, relevant content will not only help your website rank higher in Google’s organic search results; it also positions your brand as an industry thought-leader. Your original and compelling blog articles get promoted on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ for maximum reach.

By anticipating customer needs/desires related to your industry and delivering content that they want to see, you can engender customer trust and loyalty. The goal is not to sell. It might sound weird, but by earning the public’s trust and giving away valuable content for “free,” you end up selling by not selling.

Our goal in posting social content is to engage your target audience with valuable and interactive fact-driven information. We want to build relationships, create experiences, and educate your audience so your customers fall in love with your brand.

Customer Service

Social media is the new word-of-mouth marketing. Besides writing how-to’s, DIY articles, and the latest safety facts and tips on your blog, we also manage online reputations by responding to reviews and comments to help foster brand trust, reliability, and expertise.

Investing in social media is the same as investing in the relationship between you and your customers. Social media goes beyond the scope of your product or service. Think of social media as another aspect of your customer service department, where you earn the public’s trust by being there to answer their questions and concerns.

Social media is not a 9-5 job or a job that your cousin or intern can do. To ensure that you are responding to customer complaints, questions, and concerns in a timely manner, you can never switch off. Using scheduling tools and notification services, social media is a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week-job.

Take your social media presence seriously and don’t underestimate its power! It could just be the most important customer service and marketing tool in your arsenal.


The Local aspect of SocialLocal is uniquely applicable to the home service industry. There are many local directory sites out there that not only list your site, but allow user reviews as well. We sync and manage your local listings on 50+ of the top local listing websites. These local listings extend your web presence and catch local searches. We will also report any reviews posted on each website.

Why You Need Social Media and Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a misleading term. How do you optimize a search engine? You don’t! You optimize online content. A better term for SEO would be “Content Optimization.”

  1. Social media is Google’s new SEO discovery engine – social media lets Google know what new content has been added to your site, with hyperlinks back to your blog or website.
  2. If the content is highly shareable, this tells Google that it is good, relevant content – when people share your content, more backlinks are created. If a well-known website shares your content, that is even better.
  3. Many bloggers and brands today see more traffic coming directly from social than from search engines.
  4. Websites and blogs today are getting increasingly more referral traffic from social media sites.
  5. Traditional media shouts; social media marketing talks
  6. Positions your brand as a thought/industry leader
  7. Increases the number of visitors to your website, which then turn into leads
  8. Encourages brand loyalty
  9. Is the vehicle for word of mouth referrals, which happen online now
  10. Boosts brand awareness and demonstrates the heart of the brand – WE CARE
  11. Delivers information your customers are seeking. If they don’t get their answers from you, they will get them from someone else.
  12. It’s about the customer’s wants and desires, not you – have them become interested in you.
  13. Helps to recruit talent and boost employee morale; highlights the value of your company
  14. Dynamic and easy to change/modify – you learn and grow from your successes and mistakes
  15. Earn the public’s trust by giving out valuable content for free – it sounds weird, but you sell by not selling
  16. Stories win hearts and minds, not ads – you can no longer rely on traditional marketing (tv, radio, billboards, etc.)
  17. Creates a platform for brand-related news, specials, promotions, coupons, information, seasonal changes, etc.
  18. Helps customers understand your role and relevance
  19. Incorporate news and “immediate stories” into larger brand stories
  20. Social media is known as “real-time marketing” – communication happens almost instantaneously. People are going to be talking about you on the internet, whether you are there to talk back or not. You want to help shape the conversation and gain some control.
  21. “89% of consumers use search engines for purchase decisions”
  22. Recent data released by Google shows that over half of all online activity is focused on social media.
  23. More than ever, people are doing all their shopping online, and seeking social media referrals for reputable companies.
  24. Instead of traveling to an office or retail location, they visit social media to interact with you directly.

Our social media/content marketing plan is a long-term strategy that requires a steady and flow of interesting and unique content. Once it takes hold, though, it lasts. While PPC requires a constant flow of money to continue working, once you start investing in organic SEO, the results last forever. An ideal digital marketing plan will have both PPC and SEO working together to increase search engine visibility, turning traffic into revenue for your company.

Your company isn’t run by robots and your customers need to know that…

Be Social!