conversion optimization for home service websites

May 11, 2018

Conversion Optimization for Home Service Websites


Conversion optimization in web design is the act of arranging your website layout in such a way that online users are more inclined to convert or sign up for your services. You can have a website that looks amazing, showcases your brand in exactly the right light and has the best high-res images, but if your website isn’t optimized for conversions, then you might as well not have one.

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bing removed sidebar text ads

May 4, 2018

Bing Removed Sidebar Text Ads (So You Can Get More Leads)


Bing Ads is a platform similar to Google AdWords. Our home service customers benefit daily from our online advertising efforts through both platforms. If you were walking down the street, and a man reached out to you with $100 in his hand, would you tell him “No, thank you”? Not utilizing both the Bing Ads and Google AdWords platforms is a similar mistake. If you’re interested in starting an advertising campaign on the Bing Ads platform, however, it’s important to consider the recent changes on the platform, as these can impact the strategies showcased in articles that were published prior to March of this year.

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location-specific pages

April 20, 2018

4 Benefits of Location-Specific Pages on Your Home Services Website


Location-specific pages (sometimes known as city pages) are web pages that highlight a specific area you service. You can do this per city or, if you have a rather large service area, you can break this up into counties. Adding these pages to your website has a number of benefits. We’ve highlighted four of those benefits that are relevant to you as a home service company owner.


April 13, 2018

In Case You Missed Our SGI Presentation on Google Local Service Ads…


On Thursday, April 12th, our co-owner, Josh Moran, gave a presentation with Google team members, Rabia Khalil Mainwaring and Jim Armstrong, about Google Local Service Ads. This up-and-coming paid search platform meets online consumers where they are, addresses their demands and captures their attention, making your business top-of-mind. We’ve outlined the details of the presentation here.


local service ads

April 5, 2018

Local Service Ads: Future-Proofing Your Business


Online consumers are curious, demanding and, frankly, impatient. Do you have the answers they’re looking for? If not, you’re missing out on business. At our breakout session at this Spring’s SGI Expo next week, you’ll find out how you can use new digital marketing tactics through Google to show up when and where they are searching, and provide them with the information they’re looking for. Don’t miss this breakout because we are going to be highlighting the Google Local Service Ads platform (previously known as Google Home Service Ads).