diy content marketing

Content marketing can seem like a chore—especially if you’re comparing yourself to committed content marketing experts like Neil Patel and Gary Vaynerchuk. Where do they get all this time to produce all this content? It seems like they’re always making videos and writing several-thousand-word blogs. Don’t they have families? Do they ever take a vacation?

Here’s the thing: content marketing doesn’t have to be a full-time job, but you can make it look like it is by repurposing your content on different platforms. Here are 4 steps to DIY content marketing:

Step 1: Write one long piece of content.

Now, when we say “write,” we don’t necessarily mean for you to do the writing. We know you’re busy. Recruit the help of a relatively talented writer—preferably someone who knows where to put a comma when the time calls for it—and have them write a long-form piece of content for you. This could be an exceptionally long blog post, article, or eBook.

Step 2: Break this long-form content down into parts.

If you (or your hired hand) have written a blog or an eBook, then you already have it broken down into sections: subheadings for blogs and chapters for an eBook. Now, consider: does this section of content make sense as a stand-alone work? If not, make some edits. Give it an intro that summaries the preceding sections or review the section for the most important points and organize into a bulleted list.

Step 3: Organize the parts into tasty, bite-size pieces.

This sounds pretty similar to the last step, huh? Trust us, it’s not. This is your time to think about which media you’d like to explore using this one big idea that you wrote out at the beginning of this process.

If you took a full section and made it a stand-alone piece of content, you can turn this into a small(er) blog post, a downloadable PDF, copy for a marketing email campaign, a guest post on one of your partners’ websites—the possibilities are really endless.

If you took the second approach, turning the “meat” of the sections into even small bullets, you can make these into social media posts, social squares, infographics, super-short tip videos, and so much more.

Step 4: Determine which platforms you should be on.

You’re probably thinking, “Shouldn’t I be on all platforms, everywhere? It makes it more likely for me to reach people, right?” Well, yes and no. If you’re a plumber, you could post daily on TikTok, and maybe the preteen demographic MIGHT tell their money-making parents about your business, sure. But it’s not likely.

Instead, work smarter, not harder. Learn which platforms your target demographic is on and get on those.

Note: We’re not just talking about social media channels!

Here are some other platforms you might distribute content on:

  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube Videos
  • Video Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Text Ads

Sounds like you’ve got a lot of research to do. Chop, chop!

If DIY Content Marketing sounds hard…

Call the experts at VitalStorm. We have a whole team of people who can help you with this. Remember the hired hand we mentioned earlier? The one who wrote the long piece of content at the beginning? We could be that hired hand for you!