Google LSA Best Practices

Google Local Service Ads is another great digital platform that can help home and local service companies generate leads. To make you as successful as possible, here are the Google LSA best practices:

Get MORE Online Reviews

Unlike PPC ads, you can’t associate your local service ads with a keyword and call it a day if you have the highest bid. Your LSAs won’t show up unless you have excellent online reviews – and lots of them. It’s especially important to gain Google Reviews, utilizing the LSA review link.

We have it on good authority that Google is considering making LSA-generated reviews even more important than general Google Reviews. So, while more, positive Google Reviews still improve your rank now, start sending those LSA-generated reviews ASAP.

Set Up a Google My Business Page

Google LSAs is sort of an extension of Google My Business. You have to have a GMB account before you can apply for a Google LSA account.

Lower Website Load Time to 3 Seconds

Even if you weren’t applying for Google LSAs, it’s important to have a fast-loading website. Google favors websites that load faster.

Background Check Your Techs

Not only is background-checking your technicians and employees a great selling point for your company, it’s also a really important part of the process when applying for Google LSAs. Google has to run their own background check on your technicians through Pinkerton, so be sure to offer up as much information about your employees as possible.

Commit to the LSA Process

It’s going to take some time. The enrollment process can sometimes take up to a couple of months. Trust in the process and sit it out. It’ll be worth it in the end.

It’s also worth mentioning that It may take a while before you get leads too. Like with most other digital marketing efforts, there’s going to be a ramp-up period of some kind.

Gather the Necessary Info

Make sure you have this information when you apply for your Google LSA account:

  • Company information
  • Company owner
  • Number of techs and employees
  • Address(es)
  • License(s)
  • Insurance information
  • Google My Business page
  • Number of years in business
  • Contact information
  • CID
  • Tracking number

Having all this information up front can make filling out the application process much faster, which is great because the application approval process can sometimes take a while.

Submit the Application to Google LSA

Provide a full list of your service area and then submit your application to Google LSA. At this point, the powers that be will have to review your information to make sure there’s no disconnect there (which will ensure that Google provides their online users with quality service).

Finalize Your Profile

Once your application is approved, the next step will be to make sure the information on your profile is up to date and correct. Check that your tracking number is displaying correctly, that your Google My Business page has synced and that your services, service areas and business hours are accurate. New to the platform, you can also schedule when you want your local service ads to display.

Set Your Budget

Unlike PPC advertising campaigns, you’ll pay per call, not per click. Either way though, you’re still paying for leads, so it’s important to set your budget so you don’t overspend if, say, you’re a water damage restoration company and a hurricane hits your service area.

Add Pictures to Your Profile

Another new feature to the Google LSA platform, you can now add pictures to your profile. This makes your profile (visible after the ad is clicked by the online user) stand out above your competitors.

With Google LSA best practices, you can start marketing your business on a new platform and get more leads for less money. To learn how to “Drive More Customers to Your Business with Google Local Service Ads,” check out the webinar VitalStorm hosted with Podium last month.

Interested in signing up for Google LSA services with VitalStorm? Call us at 1-877-311-5695 or submit your information through the Contact Us form.