ebook content marketing benefits

You’ve got a blog. You’re on social media. You may even be sending out emails to a prospect list. So, if you’re doing all these things, do you need to be producing eBooks too? Well, “need” is a strong word, but we would highly encourage it. Writing and distributing an eBook (the right way) can only help you. Here are 5 eBook Marketing Benefits:

1. eBooks Can Grow Your Email Marketing List

You may have a section of your website that asks people to input their email addresses to join the newsletter list. But people don’t know what kind of things you’ll send in the newsletter. Are you going to just send them a bunch of specials? Well, yeah, that’s the idea. But what’s in it for the online user? That’s the question.

Instead of just asking for the user’s email address, try something like: “Enter your email address to get this FREE eBook in your inbox!” More people will be inclined to contribute, and you’ll grow your email marketing list this way.

2. eBooks Make You a Credible Resource in Your Industry

Writing and distributing an eBook can validate your authority in your industry. While DIY and local-events blogs are a great way to bring new traffic to your website, an eBook is your chance to go deeper.

3. eBooks Keep People Thinking About Your Business

Once you’ve established your business as a thought leader in your vertical, you can stay top of mind for your current and prospective clients. While blogging and social media management are a great way to stay top of mind too, eBooks can linger in someone’s mind on a completely new level.

4. eBooks Can Encourage Readers to Share Your Content

If you format your eBook in an interactive PDF (rather than a static one), you can embed ways for your readers to share the content. Next to a callout, you can have a button that directs the reader to share the quote on Twitter.

Now, readers may be so moved by your eBook that they’ll feel inclined to share it anyway – take a screenshot of the page, save the picture, go to another app, etc. But why not shorten the conversion funnel?

5. eBooks Can Create Content for Other Platforms

You may be thinking, “OK, eBooks sound like they can do great things for me. But they also sound like a lot of work.” Well, not necessarily. Not if you work smarter, not harder.

You can use some aspects of your eBook to create new content for your blog, your newsletter, and your social media channels. Here are some examples:

  • Turn your callout quotes from your eBook into social squares.
  • Turn chapters of your eBook into blogs.
  • Use a passage from the eBook as your opening for your newsletter.
  • Create a video, in which you reference passages from the eBook.
  • Record a podcast episode, in which you reference passages from the eBook.
  • Design an infographic that depicts stats from the eBook and share this on social media.

Really, the possibilities are endless. This is your content to do with what you will. You can stretch this as far as you want!

Ready to Get Serious About Your Content Strategy?

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