Broaden your reach online by setting up a consistent blog and social media presence to communicate to your prospects that you’re a trustworthy, dependable business, which is why they should choose you over your competitors. Here are 3 major benefits of content marketing for home service companies:

1.     Content Marketing Better Promotes Non-Emergency Services

Listen, paid search is our bread and butter. It’s how we got our foot in the door as a digital marketing agency that specializes in home services. But paid search is best for promoting emergency services. These people don’t have time to shop around.

Their basement is flooding NOW.

Their AC is broken NOW.

The power is out NOW.

Content marketing can help you reach people who are researching your non-emergency services, like maintenance on an HVAC system, for example, or an electrical safety inspection. If you have consistent content posting each week – posts that address the concerns of your client base and present your company as “human” – then they’re that much more likely to call you for these services.

2.     Social Media Helps You Start a Conversation with Your Online Customers

Here’s a little trick: Look at the word “Conversation.” Remove the “at” from the middle of the word (“Convers-at-ion”), and it changes it to “Conversion.”

Social media allows you to humanize your brand and to start conversations. You’re not just talking “at” your customers through a landing page or a web page. You’re talking “to” them, and this leads to conversions in the long-run.

This is particularly true if you’re utilizing “social listening.” Social listening occurs when you or the person managing your social media account searches or “listens” for people who are posting about services you offer. For example, someone might tweet, “Oh no! My AC is broken!” and you could swoop in and say, “We’re sorry you’re having trouble this summer! Here’s a coupon for 25% off our AC repair services!”

3.     Blogging Positions You as an Expert in Your Field

As a home service company, it’s important to blog about your services and area of expertise. People who are coming to your website through blogs probably found you by searching long-tail questions like:

  • What do I do if my outlet is sparking?
  • What’s a quick fix for a leak in my roof?
  • Why is my toilet running?

Online users are probably looking for DIY repair tips, but you have the opportunity to show them how the process is done by a professional. This shows them that repairs are difficult, timely and even dangerous to try on their own. That’s why they should call you to schedule service instead!

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of content marketing for home service companies, call the digital marketing professionals at VitalStorm. We specialize in marketing for home services, so we know how to entice your prospects to purchase your services. Call now or email us at to learn more.