August 23, 2019

Micro-Influencers: The Newest Social Media Trend


Whether you are a digital marketing guru or just a casual social media user, you have definitely heard of influencers. Social media celebrity profiles with millions of followers hanging on their every word (and listening to their product recommendations) have become a normal part of social media culture. But have you ever heard the term […]

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should home service companies use social media influencers

August 24, 2018

Should Home Service Companies Use Social Media Influencers?


If you have ever noticed popular Instagrammers or Twitter users showing off sponsored products to their followers, you may have wondered if that tactic would work for your own business. Accounts with thousands of followers are considered “social media influencers” for a reason: their actions and endorsements have the power to influence their network. But does this type of social media marketing work for every type of business?

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