Micro-Influencers: The Newest Social Media Trend

Whether you are a digital marketing guru or just a casual social media user, you have definitely heard of influencers. Social media celebrity profiles with millions of followers hanging on their every word (and listening to their product recommendations) have become a normal part of social media culture. But have you ever heard the term “micro-influencers” before?

At first, it might sound like an oxymoron. Doesn’t an influencer need to have a huge audience to influence in order to be effective? But the reality is, businesses are increasingly finding micro-influencers to be just as effective as celebrities, or much more so.

Are you curious about the newest social media trend? Our Social Local team at VitalStorm is here to help business owners understand micro-influencers and the benefits they can bring to the table.

What Is a Micro-Influencer?

Micro-influencers are people who use their social media channels to cover a specific niche. They can have anywhere between 1,000 and 1,000,000 social media followers. Experts differ on exactly where the sweet spot falls.

Such a wide range might seem a little bit confusing, but the number of followers is not the focus here. Micro-influencers are viewed as relatable experts. Their niche audience is highly engaged with their posts and therefore more valuable than passive followers.

Some examples of micro-influencers might include food bloggers, wellness coaches, talented crafters, frequent travelers, make up lovers, or even bargain shoppers. They often partner with businesses to promote products and services that fit within their niche.

Why Are Micro-Influencers Effective?

As a business owner, it might seem counter-intuitive to reach a smaller number of followers on social media at first. But the fact is, influencers can connect with a smaller target audience of like-minded followers better than they can with a broad audience of passive followers.

A smaller audience allows for more personal interaction, which drives up engagement. A study published by market research company The Keller Fay Group found that influencers with only 1,000 followers generated 85% higher engagement than influencers with 100,000 followers. From a business perspective, that engagement can equate to conversations about your product or service.

The study also illuminated exactly how effective micro-influencer marketing has become at impacting consumer purchases. Micro–influencers have up to 22.2 times more “buying conversations” that include product recommendations each week than an average consumer. While 73% of consumers are likely to act on a recommendation from an average person, 82% of consumers are “highly likely” to follow a recommendation made by a micro-influencer.

How Can a Micro-Influencer Benefit Your Business?

In addition to offering more affordable prices on their social media promotions, micro-influencers are arguably more effective at recommending your business. Here are a few ways they can benefit your marketing strategy.

  • Micro-influencers in the same niche as your business have already curated the very same audience you need. Targeting the right audience with your products and services is pivotal to successful digital marketing.
  • Micro-influencers can interact with individual members of their audience more frequently and more personally than their celebrity counterparts. This makes them more relatable to consumers, which makes their recommendations seem more trustworthy.
  • Micro-influencers can advocate for your brand more actively, which helps increase your overall brand awareness. This can sometimes be even more beneficial than selling one particular product or service.

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