social media

Social media is about more than “likes” and reviews. It is a vessel for your company to share your brand story with potential customers and establish a unique voice.

That might be something you have heard before, but never really understood. You may find yourself asking, “How do I share my brand story?” or “What it does it mean to have a brand voice?”

At VitalStorm, our team of social media strategists answers these questions every day as we create individual voices for all of our clients. Here are some of the ways you can use social media to establish your overall brand identity.

Writing with Voice

Every time you post on social media for your company, it is important to remember to keep to a specific style or “voice” within your writing. This helps potential customers better relate to your brand instead of associating the name of your company with an impersonal or robotic tone.

A good exercise to help you better establish the tone of your posts is to think about some of your favorite companies on social media. What are the kinds of posts you enjoy reading as a consumer? After writing a post, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and read it over carefully. Do you still connect with the words?

Most consumers view social media as a tool for making personal connections online, and this train of thought extends to the companies and brands they follow. When you write posts with this mentality in mind, it will help solidify your online presence as a distinct brand.

Sharing Unique Content

Since social media is best utilized as a tool to share the “story” of your brand, it stands to reason that you should be creating posts that reveal some personality. This extends not only to the tone and words you use, but to your visual elements as well. A business is more than a catchy name and a fancy logo: at its core, a business is the people who own it and operate it.

Sharing the origin story of your business, photos of your employees providing excellent service, or tips pertaining to your business are all excellent examples of avenues to help you better connect with your potential customers. Sharing exclusively stock images, coupons, and advertisements for your business will actually drive your engagement with followers down because these things in excess can come across as corporate and profit-driven rather than personalized.

Showing Your Face

Although it might seem intimidating at first, branching out into video can be a game changer for your social media strategy. Video content keeps your followers engaged with your brand and establishes a “face” for your company.

Video is one of the most highly shared forms of online content, which translates to better exposure for your brand. Videos also spark conversation and online engagement, which is ideal for your brand’s social strategy.

When you communicate with your customer base through video, you have a unique opportunity to connect with both enhanced clarity and empathy. Since people are more likely to do business with those they like and trust, when a potential customer sees a face and hears a voice it can increase the likelihood of a tangible lead.

Your Story is Also Your Strategy

When your business embraces the opportunity to use social media as a platform for a unique story and style, the positive results for both online engagement and lead generation will speak for themselves. Remember to think about every post first and foremost in terms of creating and maintaining connections rather than the immediate gratification of sales. As you weave a narrative on social media and establish your identity as a brand, the leads will follow.

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