Display Ads

  • “In 2016, digital display ad spending will eclipse search ad spending in the US for the first time.” (eMarketer.com)
  • “One in five dollars devoted to digital in 2016 will go to “banners and other” digital display ad types.” (eMarketer.com)

When it comes to visibility on the internet, we try to maximize your presence in search ads, map listings, and on social platforms. But the truth of the matter is that 79% of a user’s time is spent outside of the search engine, where typical PPC and Social/Local programs don’t reach. While we work to put you front and center for the remaining 21% of time that people spend searching, there are other ways to attract attention in the places where users are spending their time.

Companies such as Google and Bing use their Display Ad networks across the internet. These networks help fund websites, while increasing the reach of online marketing.  Popular social platforms also have their own built-in advertising platforms for injecting ads and posts directly into users feeds. All of these platforms are becoming increasingly accurate at targeting and directing advertising to users who are already looking for the service you provide or that simply match your target demographic.  By leveraging users’ search behavior, Display Ads can narrow the field, ignoring users who aren’t interested and delivering high-quality advertising to people who are already primed to click on and follow through on those ads.

Audience Targeting

How does targeting your ad work? At Vital Storm, we’ll help you select your target audience(s) by researching specific metrics ranging from hand-picked demographics to general selections that typically return a new lead. We can target an audience of users who have visited your site, or other users who resemble those who have visited your site. We can target an audience based on their demographics or even their own search behaviors. And, as with more traditional advertising, we can target audiences who visit websites that fall into selected categories or interests.

By placing your ads on sites browsed by your target audience, you increase the chances of a new lead clicking through to your own site because the user may already be interested when the ad is served to them. This helps gain interest for both new and returning users simply by actively serving an impression with subtle ads in the places they already visit.

Targeted ads are powerful when used in search engines (search ads), across browsed sites (display ads), as well as the users’ own social media feeds (social media ads).

Types of Display Ads

  • Text Ads – Text ads feature a headline and two lines of text describing a product or promotion. You have the flexibility with text ads to run the same format on both the Search and Display Network.
  • Image Ads – Image ads highlight visual graphics that encompass the entire ad block. These can include photography, illustrations or dynamic colors along with text.
  • Video Ads – Video ads have become very popular on the Display Network through Google’s YouTube property, as well as Facebook. Through AdWords you can also place a text ad right next to a corresponding video.
  • Rich Media Ads – These ads are more aggressive than typical video ads and come in a few variations. In some versions, a video will begin playing as soon as the web page loads. A subtler version of the ad will appear on a page until a curser moves over it, causing it to expand and play. Other ads employ more interactive elements that will change depending on the user and their engagement with it.

At VitalStorm, we’ll work with you and your team to deliver effective advertising through all channels. We’ll always bring our best when it comes to building and managing targeted ad campaigns. Each and every message is tailored to be the most precise and effective ad we can produce. A quick call to VitalStorm’s marketing team is the only thing between you and better lead-generating ads!

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