“Thank you for calling VitalStorm, this is Sallie. How may I direct your call?”

Every day Sallie McElwain, the Opportunities Manager at VitalStorm, is the first voice you hear when you call to speak with an associate. Warm, positive and extremely articulate, she is the ideal “voice” for our fast-paced and rapidly-growing agency. But unlike most businesses, where the receptionist’s role ends after ‘how may I direct your call?’ Sallie assesses the needs of every caller and provides the key information that can turn a potential customer into a devoted client. Her friendly demeanor coupled with her knowledge of our web marketing services is one of our not-so-secret foundations for success. Working in tandem with the Client Relationship Managers, she is part of our Success Team; a small, enthusiastic group of associates dedicated to sales and client care. Since implementing the team over a year ago, our client satisfaction has shown tremendous improvement. Watching the entire team in action – it’s not surprising to see why.

A recent recipient of the coveted Customer Care Bear Award, which honors excellence in customer care, Sallie is the acknowledged heart of our busy workday. Crucial business practices and client contract information is juggled daily along with scheduling essential meetings. If you have a question concerning any aspect of VitalStorm, Sallie has the answer. But be warned, sometimes her conversations are so engaging, you might forget what the question was in the first place. The busy receptionist/salesperson/superstar took some time out of her frenetic schedule to answer a few questions about her evolving position and the positive role that she plays in our company culture.

Can you share some background information?

Although I was born in North Carolina, I spent most of my life growing up in Georgia. I graduated from Berry College with a bachelor’s degree, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Psychology. In January of 2016 I married my best friend, Clay, and we moved all the way to Texas! Texas has proved to be full of blessings. I joined the VitalStorm family in May 2016, and I am excited to share that Clay and I are expecting a new addition to our family this year.

What is your official title and job description?

My official job title is Opportunities Manager. As shared in a previous blog post, “Our outreach and introductions specialist works to identify new opportunities for new and existing clients. She initiates dialogue and works to introduce both styles of web marketing to show PPC and Social Local clients what we offer and how we can benefit their businesses.”

What is a typical day for you at the office? How has your role changed since you began working here?

When I first started, my position was brand new. When I was hired, I was immediately told that VitalStorm didn’t fully know what was in store for my role. I found that exciting. As expected, my role has greatly expanded, evolved, and changed over the months. I began by helping organize client information while I was trained to understand Pay Per Click Advertising. Now, my days consist of a variety of different tasks and responsibilities, such as: being the initial point of contact for phone calls, introducing new potential clients to our services, taking messages when necessary, organizing meetings and presentations for various team members, creating and sending contract proposals, and preparing for invoicing. Communication and organization both play a huge role in my day.


Can you discuss the Success Team and how your role functions within it?

The Success Team focuses on client care. We want our clients to succeed and always know that their voice is being heard. Communication is key in taking care of our clients. In my role, I take care of our clients before they are even officially our clients! From the initial point of contact expressing an interest in our services to the moment the client signs their proposal, the communication is largely handled through me. I ensure that they have the answers to all their questions to make an informed decision about partnering with VitalStorm. I also bring the other members of our Success Team up to speed about the client when they sign their contract. At that point, our Client Relationship Managers take over communication. This is typically not the last time I speak with the clients, as I am often the one to direct their calls to the appropriate Client Relationship Manager.

What are your personal goals/team goals for the new year?

Although I am a member of the Success Team, I am also often referenced as a member of our Sales Team. This year our team is looking to grow both our Success Team and Sales Team departments. I am looking forward to seeing how my role grows and changes through the addition of new team members and positions. Both teams desire to grow and improve our services and level of client care.

What do you personally bring to the company culture at VitalStorm? 

I can’t express in words how much I love the company environment and culture here at VitalStorm. I’d like to think that I personally bring an extra dose of cheer and positivity. I strive to always have a smile on my face, and I hope that this makes a positive impact each day on both my colleagues and our clients.

If you would like more information on what VitalStorm can do for your company, contact Sallie. She will be happy to take your call and explain what our online marketing services can do for you. Our Google AdWords certified team is ready to help your company increase lead generation and expand your reach in the marketplace. Call Sallie today at 877-311-5695 or send us an email – we have the answer to success!