Our Success Team

When we set out to be the best in online marketing for the home services industry, we weren’t looking at just the area of performance. Many of our clients came to us because they’d been frustrated with the level of customer care they received with their previous SEM partner. It became our goal to be better than the rest in both care and performance.

Like most online marketing companies, we faced challenges. Many companies like ours have teams dedicated to the performance of their clients’ accounts. As teams work hard to focus on increasing lead generation, often times the client’s perception is different and that’s because most online marketing companies suffer in the area of communication.

As we jumped hurdle after hurdle in this area, we decided to form a new team. This team would be strictly dedicated to client care. They would be at the frontline to receive each client’s request and pass it along to the proper team, while managing the channels of communication the entire way. We call them the Success Team.

The Success Team is made up of Sales (we call them Opportunities Managers) and Client Care (we call them Client Relationship Managers). Our Success Team strives to be ready and knowledgeable, which is why they are all Google AdWords certified, so they can help you from a place of knowledge and understanding. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our current team…

— Josh Moran

Co-Owner, VitalStorm

tillieSuccess Team Leader

Our Team Leader provides management and oversight to the Client Success Team, helping them maintain a healthy relationship with all clients from the initial sales call through long-term customer support.


Client Relationship Managers

Our Relationship Managers work to maintain a healthy relationship with our clients by giving them a direct contact point for requests, problem resolutions, and new internal projects for every service offered by VitalStorm.