In a little over a year, Social Media Manager & Team Leader Kasey Goedeker has transformed the VitalStorm social media program into a vital component of the company. What was originally a mere byproduct of our content offerings, SOLO (Social/Local) has become an essential part of our specialized programs. Her infectious enthusiasm for the work has not only spurred growth, it’s also proven inspirational for the entire Creative Department. Implementing new ideas that have built upon existing programs and creating entirely new services has invigorated her peers and attracted new clients. Confronting every day with a genuine sense of humor (and impeccable style), this social media guru has helped the company advance to the next level of internet marketing. We spoke with Kasey about her fast track to success and her ambitious plans the department’s future.

When you started a little over a year ago, our Social/Local program was just taking off. What were your initial thoughts when you were brought in to help grow the program?

I saw a lot of opportunity here at VitalStorm. Both for our clients and us as a company. That’s ultimately what led me to take this position. I wanted to make an impact, and I was really excited to have the opportunity to help grow a team. When I was looking for this job, one of my main requirements was to find a company where my voice mattered, and I could make a positive impact.

What have been your biggest hurdles in growing both the department and program?

One of the biggest hurdles was going from being a part of the content team to a full blown one-person department. I knew where I wanted the department to go, but it took some time to get my footing and really be able to start making changes. When that time came, the workload was already too large for me, so I catapulted both my team and the department forward when I hired my new Social Media Account Manager.

How has your role evolved since becoming the Social Media Manager & Team Leader?

I started as a member of the Content Team and in a few months Social Media turned into its own department. Soon after that happened, the department really exploded. We gained more clients, people were talking about not just our PPC program, but our SOLO program. After being with the company about 9 months I was promoted to Team Leader and hired another Social Media Account Manager. Since then I’ve worked on more projects to catapult the department into a premier service at VitalStorm. I’ve taken ideas and turned them into products to sell, as well as improve upon services we were already providing.

Can you talk a bit about the new reporting in Metrics? How will this add value to Content Marketing?

I am so excited to share this with our clients! While I can’t take any credit for building it, I did work closely with Caleb on what I wanted it to look like. We’ve taken the best parts of all of the different social media platform’s reporting and combined them in our own amazing app. It’s great because now clients can see all of their stats in one place at any time instead of waiting for a monthly report.

Your department is one of the fastest growing in the company. What are the immediate expansion plans for the year?

We are growing rapidly, I just hired a second Social Media Account Manager making us officially a team of 3. We’re expanding our Facebook Ads program immensely right now. It’s a really exciting to show companies that they don’t have to wait for customers to reach out to them, but we can actually target their specific customers and reach them first.

What do you feel you personally bring to the company culture at VitalStorm?

Style, ha! I have a background in fashion and beauty, and while I have a Marketing degree, I’ve learned the majority of my social media skills from running my fashion blog. So, really I think my willingness to learn is huge in this role and growing department. I’m constantly reading industry news, keeping up with the constant changes in the different social platforms, and listening to our clients to see if we can add services that will be beneficial for them.

If you would like to learn more about our Social/Local program and how it can help your business, call VitalStorm today at 877-311-5695.