social media team leader

As VitalStorm continues to grow as a company, we are always looking for new ways to reach potential customers for our clients. One of the most effective strategies we have found lies in our Social Local (SOLO) department: the social media strategy gurus.

SOLO team member India Wilkerson recently transitioned into her new role as Team Lead, and she is ready to embrace new challenges and harness her team members’ creative spirits. We spoke with India about the direction she is leading the SOLO team and the new methods she is exploring to obtain tangible leads for our clients.

What does a typical day look like for a member of the social media team?

The Social Media team is busy, busy, BUSY! Our day consists of review management for all clients, answering client requests, reviewing current posts, and our newest venture, working on FB Ads. Facebook Ads has grown tremendously at this point, and we usually have our heads buried in Facebook Ad creation and management.

What are some of the methods you use to help clients grow their following and engagement? 

The most important thing our team has recently incorporated is creating more client branded images. This is anything from reviews to tips from our clients. A lot more of our posts are also created to link back to the client’s website as opposed to linking to a 3rd party website. This is to maximize the traffic that we are sending to their website via social media. We also changed our posting strategy so that it is more effective and beneficial for the client.

How does the SOLO team help the client towards obtaining tangible leads?

Social media is important in creating those relationships with the client’s potential customer base. Currently we are really diving into Facebook Ads and how they can help to reach the customers the client currently has as well as those they desire. With Facebook Ads, we can find the right people our clients want to reach, capture their attention and get results.

What are some differences in technique you use for different social media platforms? (Facebook vs. Twitter vs. Instagram for example.)

With Facebook, we are creating more client branded images. With Twitter, we use relevant hashtags so that the content placed on there is easily retweeted or shared on other websites. Twitter is also a great place to engage in conversation surrounding different client verticals. This creates a platform for unlimited conversation. Instagram’s focus is more to show the client’s company culture. So, the more in-house images we have from the client, the better the Instagram page appears.

What do you enjoy most about using your personal creativity to lead the SOLO team?

The thing that excites me the most is that I see how the SOLO team really has the potential to become something great. Working with the SOLO team, I want to keep an open and free environment with my team members so that they are willing to express their ideas. Being able to collaborate as a team helps us to share ideas and expound upon the current practices that we currently have. I also really like that the client trusts us to be the expert. So, when it comes to being creative, we are really given an open window to be free with our ideas. It is hard to find that in companies these days.

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