Vital Metrics

Many businesses are driving blind when it comes to marketing. They have no idea which ad campaigns and strategies are actually driving calls and sales, and as a result have inaccurate and misleading data about their cost per lead, conversion rates, return on investment, and the overall success of their marketing campaigns.

Do you often feel like you are driving blind when it comes to your marketing? Is it difficult to quantify cloudy figures and confusing reports that claim to show impression share and click-through rates?  Do you even know what these terms and numbers mean to your business?


Here at VitalStorm, we remove the blindfold with our simple, user-friendly Metrics reporting; a dashboard that gives you the clearest picture possible by measuring your campaign performance down to the most important number: true-cost-per-qualified-lead.

By mining data from every phone call, we can truly optimize your marketing campaigns from beginning to end. With Metrics, clients can see real-time data measuring the value of every single phone call.

How It All Works

Valuable information is harvested from actual conversations between the caller and the call center so that you can truly see the effectiveness of your campaign as well as the effectiveness of your call center to close leads. This empowers us to make constant tweaks and changes to improve our numbers as well as empowering you to make the most out of your customer service and sales department.

VitalMetrics provides our clients with a Booking Percentage and even a Quality Score rating for each CSR. Our transparent, bottom-line reporting points your campaign in the most profitable direction, while positively impacting your bottom line. If you aren’t keeping track of where your marketing dollars are going, you could be leaving money on the table.

We don’t need to rely on impressions, clicks, or even call counts to estimate campaign success. We can know with real, precise data.

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