Vital Feedback

Many businesses end their marketing efforts once they get the lead. And that’s a mistake. A lot of work goes into generating qualified leads, but the problem often lies in what’s done afterward. Tracking the performance of marketing campaigns is only half the job. There’s still the matter of how your call center performs after the qualified leads are delivered.

Do you know what your booking percentage is?

Instead of simply handing over the reins once we have generated a qualified lead, we stay with you every step of the way by closely examining call center performance and following up with an objective 10-point grading method. Business owners assume that their CSRs are communicating the basic components like greetings, customer information, and gratitude, but how do you actually know?

With our in-house Feedback department developed uniquely for the Home Service Industry, we offer immediate solutions for your call center to increase the number of booked leads. Vital Feedback is based on years of experience working with home service companies and analysis of call data and results.

How It Works

  • Qualify New and Repeat Customer Leads
  • Leads Are Graded on the 10 Vital Feedback Points
  • CSRs Receive Individual Score Cards
  • Performance Benchmarks and Frontline Training Workshops
  • Online Coaching Sessions Reveal Lost Opportunities and Areas of Improvement
  • Weekly Challenges Keep Feedback Fresh and Provide Incentives

It’s difficult dealing with customers over the phone, especially when they are frustrated or upset, but it’s something that home service companies have to do every day. The key is to change the caller’s temperament from frustration to trust.

Many CSRs feel their responsibility is to answer the phone, answer questions, and be polite. Unfortunately, that’s not where the job ends. The CSR is normally the first impression a new caller has of your business. Yes, CSRs should be polite and helpful with their words and tone, but they should also know how to build value and book the call.

Putting It All Together

Even with all the experience, research, and insights at our disposal, we also know that each CSR is different and needs to be treated as an individual. We help CSRs develop a strategy on the phone that is unique to their talents while giving them new strategies to utilize.

By listening, measuring, and constantly improving this aspect of your business, you will increase your booking percentage while improving customer relations and gaining a distinct advantage over your competitors.

We make it fun and easy for CSRs to appropriately maneuver and direct customers’ buying decisions using psychology and communication theory. Training opportunities provide the CSRs with the empowerment and motivation they need to raise their individual booking percentage. Not only do CSRs get a rise out of booking a call, they also enjoy the variety and competition that comes with each new weekly challenge.

With rising customer expectations, is your company exceeding expectations or simply providing the commonly expected?