A little birdie told us that Elon Musk was making waves following his decision to rebrand the popular social media network, Twitter. Earlier this week, Musk made a tweet explaining the rationale behind the decision to change the logo to just “X.” According to him, the intention was “to embody the imperfections in us all that make us unique.” He also hinted at bidding farewell to the Twitter brand and, in due course, phasing out all references to birds. This means the use of terms such as “tweet” and “retweet” will no longer be relevant.

So what does this mean exactly for your business? And how will this impact your marketing efforts?

What To Expect From The Twitter Rebrand

twitter, elon musk, x.com, twitter.com, social media, social media networks, social media marketing, marketing, digital marketing, twitter rebrand, twitter brand, social media network, marketing professionalBefore this rebrand took place, you could post and read as many “tweets” as you wanted in a day. However, Musk has recently announced that Twitter would be implementing restrictions on the number of tweets per day that different accounts can read. Because of this decision, the company faced extensive criticism from both users and marketing professionals alike. People have recently claimed to be locked out of Twitter after scrolling for a bit, and many marketing professionals and users are not happy to hear about this limitation.

In another recent tweet, Musk described the new restrictions as a temporary measure, explaining that the platform implemented them due to the frequent “data pillaging” that significantly affected the service quality for regular users. Unfortunately, if people cannot see your recent postings before getting locked out of their accounts, then you may be losing views.

2. Discontinued Use of Logo

While some are pleased with the changes, analysts and brand agencies consider the renaming of Twitter a mistake. Twitter already enjoys impressive brand recognition, and Todd Irwin, founder of the brand agency Fazer, noted that it is one of the most recognizable social media brands. Starting over with a well-established global brand is like abandoning the little birdie featured on websites, small business windows, and current marketing materials, rendering it irrelevant.

Not to mention, a rebranding can sometimes create confusion initially, as users get accustomed to the new name and identity. Businesses may need to monitor user behavior and make sure their marketing efforts are aligned with the new brand to avoid any disconnect.

3. Less Users Than Before

Since Musk took over, Twitter’s user count has significantly decreased, and it is expected to continue declining. Insider Intelligence predicts that Twitter will lose over 32 million users worldwide by 2024 due to the turmoil caused by the brand change. Previously, it was possible to view Twitter without an account, but now, you must have a profile to access posts. This change could not only affect Twitter’s business but also impact yours, as fewer users mean reaching fewer people.

4. SEO Impact

If the rebranding involves changing the platform’s domain name or URLs, businesses that relied on SEO strategies related to the old Twitter name may need to adjust their SEO efforts to ensure their content remains discoverable under the new branding. Elon Musk did announce that X.com is now taking you to Twitter.com – so it may only be a matter of time before the “twitter.com” URL discontinues.

But, Does “X” Actually Mark The Spot for Marketing Professionals?

twitter, elon musk, x.com, twitter.com, social media, social media networks, social media marketing, marketing, digital marketing, twitter rebrand, twitter brand, social media network, marketing professionalThis change is not upsetting all marketers. In fact, some think it opens up the door for many more opportunities for branding and advertising. No matter what side of the fence you’re on, you can’t deny that there will be many changes to come with this takeover – some good and maybe some bad. This type of rebranding can really change the way people perceive the platform. Depending on how the rebranding is executed, it could attract new users who were previously disinterested or unfamiliar with Twitter. This could potentially expand the platform’s user base and reach, providing businesses with a broader audience to target – or it could do the exact opposite.

1. New Marketing Opportunities

While there is a lot of negativity surrounding this change, there is some good that could come from it. On July 22nd, Elon Musk tweeted “Many accounts on this platform can earn thousands of dollars per month in advertising revenue sharing if they become verified subscribers!” He went on to say that you can become a verified subscriber for just $7/month in only a couple minutes. In a separate tweet, he stated “You’ll soon also be paid for ads appearing when others view your profile page, approximately doubling payouts.”

Many marketers are looking at this as offering new marketing opportunities. With a fresh brand identity, the rebranded platform may introduce new features, advertising options, or marketing tools. Businesses could explore these new opportunities to promote their products or services in innovative ways.

2. Increased Engagement

Rebranding often generates buzz and conversation among users and the media – and we know this specific rebranding certainly has. It’s filling up news feeds everywhere. This heightened engagement could translate into more visibility for businesses on the platform if they can tap into the trending topics or use the rebranding momentum to drive their own campaigns.

A major rebranding generates curiosity and interest among users, both existing and inactive ones. People pay attention to changes in familiar brands, making them more inclined to explore the revamped platform. This presents an opportunity for businesses to capitalize on the increased attention and potentially attract new followers, leading to higher engagement with their content.

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In Conclusion

Linda Yaccarino, the new CEO of Twitter, expressed in a tweet that having a second chance to make another significant impact is an exceedingly rare occurrence, both in life and business. She acknowledged that Twitter had already left a massive impression and revolutionized the way we communicate. However, with the introduction of “X,” she believes the platform will push even further, leading to a transformation of the global town square.

So, what do you think? Do you think “X” will help or hinder your business marketing efforts?

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