Do you know how your company is represented visually on the Internet? Try this: Google your business name and see what kind of photos are automatically generated on the Images tab of your search. If you don’t like what you see, then it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

At VitalStorm, we encourage our clients to take photos of their everyday actions any chance they get. We use client-submitted photos by including them on the website and sharing them through social media platforms. Something as seemingly mundane to you, like loading up your van with equipment, can offer great content to our social media team to promote your services and find a good spot on the website to highlight your fully-stocked truck. The best kind of story shared online these days is supported by great imagery. Ask yourself, what does your company’s online photos say about your company? Does it say anything at all? Well then, let’s take some photos!

The great thing about taking photos in the 21st Century is that you don’t need some expensive digital camera strapped to your chest. You already have what you need in your pocket, your phone! We ask for photo qualities of 72 PPI (means Pixel Per Inch, as in the same resolution as a computer screen) or greater from an Iphone-7 or higher grade smart phone. If you or someone you know has upgraded their cell phone in the past two years, you are all set.


Here are some tips for taking a great photo:

  • Choose a wider angle when taking a photo. A good rule of thumb is from wherever you’re standing, take two steps back. This counts for both technician photos and candid photos. If it’s a full body shot, and the technicians shoes are cut off—that’s a problem. We then must crop the photo even tighter to make the image proportional. When we do this, we may risk losing some of the action from the photo. It is advised that a tighter framed photo be cropped at a person’s waist, but make sure you can still see the head, arms, and elbows in the photo. Same rule applies to service truck photos. Make sure that you can see the entire truck in the photo.
  • Speaking of wide, be sure the image size is also ideally 900 pixels wide. This rule mostly applies to website photos, but really helps for all photos to ensure that they are high quality. The larger the image is, the larger it can display on the page. To view this on your phone’s photo album, you’ll have to select image properties. Photo size can make all the difference when deciding which photos go on a website. If it’s too small, it’s not helpful at all.
  • Be mindful of the light and try to avoid shadows. Photos are best when taken from a brightly lit area. For example, when taking a photo of a service truck, make sure the sunlight is in front of the truck. If the sun is lighting the truck from behind, then you’re in a shadow.
  • Make the most of what you have. From installing a piece of equipment to participating in a community event, both posed and candid photos are better than no photos at all. If you have a very loyal client, ask their permission to take a photo of them shaking a techs hand. Take photos during company events, like holiday parties or training sessions. Sponsor a local pet adoption for great photo opportunities and community outreach. When technicians decide to lend a helping hand by shoveling a clients’ driveway, ask them to take a photo.

You are the best person to tell your story, and VitalStorm is here to help you every step of the way. Call us at 972-961-7380 to learn how VitalStorm can help tell your company’s digital story through social media and website management.