At VitalStorm, we are always looking for ways to enhance our services and make it easier for you to connect with potential customers. That’s why we are excited to share some exciting new features available through Local Services Ads (LSA): Message Leads and Instant Booking.

Manage Leads and Jobs Effortlessly

Discover a seamless way to handle leads and jobs effortlessly when customers come across your Local Services Ad on Google. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Accessible Records: Easily manage your leads, review appointments, and connect with potential customers. You can do this through the Local Services Ads app or your desktop lead inbox.
  • Phone Lead Recordings: You have the option to listen to recordings of phone leads, ensuring a high level of quality in your customer interactions.
  • Tailored Notifications: Stay informed with emails and app notifications about new leads, ensuring you never miss a valuable opportunity.

Leads: A New Way to Connect

Now, with Message Leads, you can engage with potential customers through text-based communication. Not only that but all of your text messages can be responded to instantaneously. When instant replies are being sent to your customers, it positions you ahead of your competition. When your Local Service Ad displays, it will say “Typically replies within minutes” which is much more appealing than “Typically replies within days” or “Typically replies within hours”. Wouldn’t you agree?

Did you know that 48% of people prefer to communicate with businesses via text? This is because you can get your questions answered quicker, which will help you determine whether or not you want to move forward with that business. On the contrary, emails usually take much longer to respond to. Statistics show that text messages have a higher open rate, with 98% of SMS messages being read compared to around 20% for emails.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Notification Flexibility: Receive notifications about new message leads through email, SMS text messages, or both. Customize your preferences in the “Profile & Budget” section of your account. You can review all booked jobs and phone calls generated by your ad.
  • Versatile Responses: Choose from various response methods – reply via email or text, call customers directly from the app, or decline a request with the option to provide additional information.
  • Highlighting Responsiveness: Showcase your commitment to customer service by displaying estimated messaging response times in your ads. Quick responses can significantly boost consumer engagement and lead generation.

How to Opt In

When you turn the message lead function on for your business, you can usually get between 5 & 20% more lead volume. However, the effectiveness may depend on how responsive your customers are to Message Leads. Not sure how to go about getting this set up? Don’t worry. VitalStorm will take care of the set up for you!

Instant Booking for Quick Conversions

The Instant Booking feature allows customers to book your services directly through your ad, where they can also check your availability and pricing before deciding to contact you. This will simplify the process and also increase your chances of winning a job. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Effortless Integration: Once your integration is set up and you’ve applied for Google Guarantee, your ServiceTitan and Google Local Services Ads accounts seamlessly connect.
  • Automated Alerts: Receive instant alerts when a booking is made, when a lead requires attention, or when a booking is dismissed. Stay informed and maintain control.
  • Boosted Ranking: Instant bookings enhance your response time, positively impacting your ranking in the Google Local Services Ads section. Increase visibility for potential customers!

In Conclusion

Remember, these features not only provide more avenues for customers to connect with you but also align with evolving consumer preferences for messaging and direct booking.

Thank you for being an integral part of the VitalStorm family. We are committed to propelling your business forward, and we believe that Message Leads and Instant Booking are indispensable tools to achieve this.

Wishing you ongoing success!

The VitalStorm Team