Qualified Leads

In any successful lead generation campaign, you have to measure the results you are getting for your marketing dollars. So having a clear definition of a true “lead” is imperative; when we measure success, we look at qualified leads.

Qualified Lead:
An inbound phone call, email inquiry or form submission from a real customer with interest and intention to inquire about or purchase your product or service.

Some marketing reports show a lead as being an impression or click. Some go a little further and show a call as a lead. But that isn’t far enough. We all know that not every call that comes into your call center is a customer. Many calls are other vendors or even wrong numbers. Some calls could be calling back for additional information. Those are not leads!

At VitalStorm, we determine whether or not a phone call qualifies as a true lead or not by listening and carefully reviewing each one. Specific data points are mined from each call, giving us the ability to report a true qualified cost-per-lead, giving you the clearest picture possible of the success of each of your marketing campaigns.

Get Qualified Leads!