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Webinar Recap: How To Add $1MM In Revenue By Simply Adjusting Your Call Center Strategy

We hear of the same common challenges that local service companies face. Many of them feel they don’t have enough revenue coming in, that there just aren’t enough calls… Read More

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      Social Media for Local Services

      Be seen, be heard, be social.

      Telling your Story

      Local services typically don’t seem to be the most “social,” or even “likable.” But there really is no better place than Social Media to build your brands story and show the real, human signs of life within your organization.

      Local service companies are compared by trust factor over anything else. Social Media is the venue to build that trust within your target audience. Be there when they need you, and even make yourself known before they need you. Then, continue the conversation after the sale is made

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      Telling your Story Telling your Story

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      Engaging Results

      One of the most contributing factors to SEO is social signals. Engagement on social media channels improves social media insights, as well as search engine optimization.
      As search engines attempt to determine a websites relevance within a massive field of search results, user engagement on social media channels speaks volumes. Likes, follows, shares… these are all “clicks” and “impressions” that tell search engines your content is relevant and useful to audiences.

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      We’ve tried many services and none have proven themselves like VitalStorm has. Our call volume has never been as high as it is. And the cost-per-lead is outstanding. I highly recommend VitalStorm for search engine marketing!


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      Meet your audience on their turf

      For local service company, it might seem that your presence is only known when users are searching for you. But through social media, you can connect with audiences before they even search. With social media audiences growing each day, we can bring the game to them, through their own newsfeeds.

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