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    How much is being left on the table?

    Many businesses end their marketing efforts once they get the lead. A lot of work goes into generating qualified leads, but the problem often lies in what is done afterward. Tracking the performance of marketing campaigns is only half the job. There is still the matter of how your call center performs when the qualified leads are delivered.

    Instead of simply passing the buck once we have generated a qualified lead, we stay with you every step of the way by closely examining call center performance and following up with an objective grading method. Business owners assume that their CSRs are communicating the basic components like warmly greeting the caller, gathering the caller’s information, and displaying gratitude, but how do you actually know?

    With Vital Feedback, developed uniquely for the Local Service Industry, we offer coaching for your call center to increase the number of booked leads. Vital Feedback is based on years of experience working with local service companies and analysis of research data and results.

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    How booking percentage impact revenue

    Booking percentage might be the most important metric in your business. You may be investing 10’s or even 100’s of thousands of dollars each month in ads. Increasing your booking percentage will not only capitalize on that ad spend, it will also impact your profit. Think about it like this: if you can increase your call center’s booking percentage this year, you can spend the same amount of money on marketing, as last year, but still increase profits.

    Booking percentage matters. And usually the small investment required to train or coach your call center is far outweighed by the increased sales generated from higher booking percentages.

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    Tools, not scripts

    If you, as the owner or manager of a local service company, were on every call, you’d have a near perfect booking percentage. And that’s because you have a deep understanding of your business and your customer. And you don’t need any script to assist you.

    Neither does your call center. The most impactful training for call centers is not to provide them with a series of scripts, but instead, equip them with the right tools.

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    Vital Storm has been the secret to our success! Vanessa, Morgan, and the rest of the crew have been spectacular! Our inbound call volume increased dramatically from day one with their services. Thank you Vital Storm!


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    A Culture Boost for your Call Center Team

    Even with all the experience, research, and insights at our disposal, we also know that each CSR is different and needs to be treated as an individual. We help CSR’s develop a strategy on the phone that is unique to their talents and help them develop an unconscious skill for converting leads into sales.

    Call centers that demonstrate a well-liked and trusted brand image have the best chances of converting leads. By listening, measuring, and constantly improving this aspect of your business, you will improve your customer service and gain a distinctive advantage over your competitors.

    We make it fun and easy for CSR’s to appropriately maneuver and direct customers’ buying decisions using psychology and communication theory. Coaching opportunities provide the CSR’s with empowerment and motivation to raise their individual booking percentage, and their confidence. Not only do CSR’s get a rise out of booking a call, they also gain energy and motivation for the next call by spurring customer satisfaction and pleasure with your brand.

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