what more can I do to generate online leads

In the world of digital marketing, traditional Google Pay Per Click (PPC) ads remain the best way to grow your business by providing motivated and quick-to-book leads from people needing service now. But after years of running traditional PPC, you may start to question: what other kind of online lead sources are out there? What more could I be doing to reach potential clients in the digital market?

At VitalStorm, we try to answer that question as factual as possible. The truth is, every market is different, and your online audience may react differently to one digital source than they do with another. That’s why it’s up to us as your digital marketing experts to find the potential lead source that will best fit your need.

If you’re asking yourself, “What more can I do to generate more online leads?” keep reading!

Best Source: Google Local Service Ads

We’ve talked about Google Local Service Ads (LSA) before in our blog, and the subject keeps coming up due to its relevance and changing nature. The LSA platform is generated near traditional PPC ads during a Google Search and cater to a specific audience: the research, review-based consumer.

Ranking in the platform is determined by the number of reviews and star ratings a company has to their Google My Business account. Another handy way to stand out in the crowd is by inputting booking data into the platform itself so that the Google algorithm can learn from itself. VitalStorm can do this for our clients by accessing the LSA call data and qualifying the calls to determine actual leads.

LSA is currently live in 98 cities nationwide, and lead volume varies from market to market.

Backup Plan: Google Map Ads

While the majority of Google Map users conduct a search to find a location they’re planning to visit, it’s debatable how many users go to Google Maps to search for a service that will come to them. From our experience, there is not a large lead volume for map ads specific to the home service industry—not equal to traditional PPC lead volume. But map ads do add branding value and are yet another way for people to find your business.

Google Map ads are generated as part of your existing PPC campaigns by activating the Locations Extension and syncing your Google My Business account to the AdWords account. When a searcher clicks on the Location extension that displays in the traditional PPC ad or clicks on an ad that displays to them in Google Maps, they are taken to a version of your Google My Business account that includes a special tracking line. Be sure your Google Reviews are looking good before activating this option!

For a Rainy Day: Facebook Ads

Facebook is a complex social media platform that provides a unique advertising opportunity for the home service industry. As leader of all social platforms, Facebook ads are a great way to build your brand and promote your services. With Facebook Ads, you can target a wide range of customer demographics to create your ideal target audience.

Expand the reach of your brand through a brand awareness campaign. Once you have people engaged and interested, you can move into different ad strategy and target a wide range of people to entice them with your timely service offers. Facebook ads allow small businesses to create ads to expand their in-house marketing efforts to the social network community.

If you are a current client who is interested in pursuing these additional digital advertising sources, email success@vitalstorm.com or reach out directly to your Client Relationship Manager by calling 972-961-7380.