As we head into 2018 with a renewed enthusiasm, we look back at the previous year with a sense of pride and accomplishment. From the development of a new department to the continued expansion of our workforce, 2017 was another productive year for VitalStorm. No one is more aware of this than co-owners Josh Moran and Jeff Light, the architects of the steadfast growth we have achieved in just a few short years. As pleased as they are with our success, both feel confident that the new year will yield even greater accomplishments. We spoke to Josh about his thoughts on the previous year and where he sees us headed in 2018.

What are the successes that you are most proud of looking back on 2017?

We had some great success with growth in clients and revenue, but what I am most proud of is the installation of some new leaders at VitalStorm, as well as the personal growth of many of our current leaders.  It was a year of leadership for VitalStorm.  I’m very proud of these guys!

Can you speak about our partnership with CallPoint and the expansion plans for the new year?

We are very excited about the opportunities that the collaboration with CallPoint will bring our SGI clients. This call center is led by our own Wendy Roberson and she’s been training CSR’s for years!  We have our own approach to CSR training, and Wendy has been the pioneer in that.  Outsourcing their call centers has not been very appealing to our clients, due to many reasons.  But, CallPoint is specially designed for home service companies.  Many of the key roles involved in building CallPoint are home service company owners, as well.  I’m very excited to be part of this solution for our clients who don’t have strong call centers, or any call center.  A turnkey solution like CallPoint will transform their business!

Do you see any trends in the Home Service Industry that will help shape some of our services?

The evolution of social media and social media ad platforms is making Facebook ads more effective for home service companies.  This is exciting because it allows us to diversify the web offering and grab leads at an overall lower cost.  It’s our job to get as many leads for as little cost as possible.  The change in landscape with social media ads is giving us a new horizon, full of opportunities for our clients.

Where do you see Social/Local headed in the new year?

Internally, we see Social/Local driving nearly as much business for VitalStorm as PPC.  That is because more and more home service companies are understanding the benefits of Social Media as a vehicle for building trust and brand awareness.  With the right content marketing strategy, they can truly leverage the social media channels to tell their story and engage larger audiences.

How do we stay competitive in the field of content marketing with the rapidly evolving digital landscape?

Working harder and better.  In this age, anyone can produce content.  But the differentiator is quality.  We’re proud to have a team at VitalStorm who is passionate about their craft and pour themselves into the work they produce.  There are no “throw-away” projects.  Each piece matters, every time.

What are you most excited about moving into 2018?

What excites me the most about 2018 is being at the cusp of the change we’ve foreseen for a few years now.  We’ve always had a vision for cornering the SEM marketing for home services.  We’ve yet had the time build out some of the missing pieces.  2018 is that year.  2017, as well as the years before, have positioned us to make the leaps we’ve always wanted to take.  Our clients will see new website offerings, expansions in Metrics reporting, new service offerings, such as CallPoint and even a highly impactful direct mail strategy.  They’ll see more diversity on paid search platforms as well as new optimizations with the current platforms (namely AdWords).  2018 is full of possibilities.  You could really say that about every new year.  But, we truly feel many of the things that only existed in our vision for the future, are now in reach.  We could not be more excited about 2018 at VitalStorm.

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