VitalStorm sales team

As the first point of contact for all our potential clients, the sales team must always be ready to spring into action  to demonstrate the value of VitalStorm marketing. They must be familiar with the services offered in every department of our company so that they can provide the full picture of our proven lead-generating solutions. We spoke with our Opportunities Managers Austin Cain and Colby Griffin about the way they strategize their pitches; evaluating which combination of services will most benefit a potential client.

What does the VitalStorm sales team do on a day-to-day basis?

Austin: We prospect for new clients in areas we have openings, get in contact via phone calls or emails with Presidents and Marketing Directors to discuss their marketing needs. We then set up presentations, creating uniquely designed proposals for the potential client.

Colby: We spend most of the day prospecting potential clients with phone calls and emails, trying to set up presentations with them. When we do schedule a presentation, it usually takes about an hour and a half.

What are some of the major points you hit when presenting the diverse marketing services VitalStorm offers to potential clients?

Austin: We really focus on the major “pain points” the potential customer may be having. Every company is different and we want to make sure that we cater exactly to their needs. A couple of the major points we always like to stress are PPC and Social Media. Everyone always needs leads – and then you need to  stay engaged with those customers through social media channels.

Colby: We demonstrate how we write our ads, landing page strategy, how we report results back to them, and how we are proactive in looking for new marketing strategies.

How do you determine  the best way to service a client in a particular geographical area?

Austin: We do a lot of research into each potential company’s area before we  present to them. We check on the population of their service area and that allows us to successfully determine a budget that they could spend for PPC. We also determine which of our services would best fit their company depending on the services they provide to their customers. Some companies just want PPC, and some want every service we have to offer, so we just  determine the best fit for them depending on the goals and direction they  want to go.

Colby: I would determine how the client’s location fits into the equation by identifying their current needs and what they are trying to accomplish. Some clients should focus more on social media, and others on should focus more on PPC.

How do you collaborate with the Success team to ensure clients have a positive experience and receive the best possible service from VitalStorm?

Austin: We work with almost every team very closely as we are just the first touch point a client has with VitalStorm. Throughout the presentation process we collect as much information as possible to ensure we know exactly what the customer wants and what direction they want to go with their marketing. Upon client signing, they then transition to the Success team as the next touch point. We work very closely with the customer as our goal is to provide them  with the best possible experience. As clients get passed back and forth between Success and Sales we always stay in close communication  so we can present a quick solution to any problems they might be having. If it weren’t for all the other teams here at VitalStorm, none of this would be possible.

Colby: We rely on transparency. We help the client understand how we are handling their campaign.

What motivates you every day?

Austin: There are a few things that motivate me  every day; , number one, working as hard as I can to be able to provide for my family, and number two,  providing services to clients that will help them be successful with their company and in their everyday life.

Colby: Partnering with smaller clients to help them grow their companies while we grow ours.

For more information about the marketing services we offer at VitalStorm or to set up a presentation with Austin or Colby, give us a call today at 877-311-5695.