Best Social Media Accounts by Home Service Companies

Social media is one of the most critical components of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. It increases brand recognition, widens your audience, and helps you uniquely target new customers with your posts and ads.

At VitalStorm, we encourage all of our clients to focus on building a strong social media presence. (For more about the benefits of social media marketing for home service companies, check out this blog.)

Are you curious about how your social media presence should look? Here are a few examples of the best social media accounts by home service companies compiled by our team of strategists at VitalStorm.

1. HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Drains

When you visit the HELP Facebook page, you will notice how it excels at integrating pop culture references or wacky holidays with informational or promotional content. While you’ll definitely see positive reviews or blog posts featured, you also might find a reference to a Beatles song, a popular TV show, or even #NationalDonutDay.

This fun-natured content gives HELP personality as a company and makes them seem accessible to their core audience of followers. Social media users are primarily seeking a sense of community or a source of entertainment when they log in to Facebook.

When followers see content that speaks directly to their interests, they are more likely to engage with it or share it. They are also more likely to remember your business the next time they need home services.

2. Bell Brothers

From the minute you land on the Bell Brothers Facebook page, you can tell how frequently it is updated with new content. The cover photo has a seasonal theme and bright colors that grab your attention. The reviews are recent, and each has a personalized reply. The content is branded with the same fonts, colors, and styles for a cohesive feed of posts.

Many of the posts pertain to relevant national holidays, like HVAC Tech Day. Some of their posts incorporate trending topics, like the season finale of Game of Thrones. Still more posts include behind the scenes photos of the Bell Brothers team, giving customers insight to the face of their company. All of these components work together to drive higher engagement from their existing followers and to reach new followers in their service area.

3. Blue Flame Heating & Air Conditioning

One of the things that helps Blue Flame stand out from the pack is their focus on eco-friendly business practices. In addition to making a positive impact on the planet, it has also become an integral part of their brand identity and influences their social media posts.

Lots of the graphics for their posts contain helpful tips for saving energy and money on your utility bills. They also share weekly blog posts from their main website with topics like “Green HVAC Technology,” “Books About Energy Conservation,” or Earth Day Celebrations in their service area.

In the same way that cohesive colors and logo-use shape their brand identity, their messaging and eco-friendly focus helps to make them unique.

4. Mr. Electric of McKinney

One of the best things about the Mr. Electric of McKinney Facebook page is that their cover photo is a high quality video of their electricians on call. This immediately draws your eyes to the screen and ensures that their team looks professional and friendly. It also encourages viewers to imagine what it would be like to receive electrical service from their team.

Their stream of content includes lots of fun facts and interesting blog topics, like “The History of the Electric Car” or “How to Maximize Your Energy Savings.” These posts not only establish their team as electrical experts, they also drive traffic to their main website.

Do you want your business to make the list for the best social media accounts by home service companies?

Every business is unique, and your social media pages are the perfect place to reflect that. If you want to use social media to build up an audience of followers and drive leads, our Social Local team at VitalStorm can help. Give us a call today!

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