essentials for social media marketing

By now you probably know your business needs to be on social media. But you might be wondering, what does a successful social media presence look like, and what are the tools to get there?

At VitalStorm, we help our clients develop a social media strategy that fits their unique marketing needs and budget specifications. Here is a checklist of the absolute essentials for social media marketing from our Social Local team.

Consistent Content

If you create a Facebook account for your business but never update it with any new posts about your products, services, and industry, people have no incentive to follow it for updates that will never come. On the other hand, posting regularly exposes new potential customers and loyal existing customers to your brand more frequently. Make sure there is consistent content on all of your social media channels. This encourages your customers to keep following along and engaging with your content. We recommend posting 2-3 times per week at minimum.

Helpful Hints

In addition to self-promotional posts such as ads for products and services, make sure to add some helpful hints and life hacks your followers can use. Balancing out your promotional content with genuinely useful information further incentivizes people to follow your business.

Relevant Holidays

Another excellent tool for creating a more personal and conversational tone on your business account is to post about national holidays. This can include popular holidays like St. Patrick’s Day or Independence Day, but it can also include more obscure holidays relevant to your industry, such as “National Hug a Plumber Day.” For a complete list of wacky national holidays, check out this calendar.

Industry News

Another great source of content for your business social media account is industry news articles from the web. Sharing information about your trade shows customers that you are knowledgeable and your service practices are up-to-date. Look for articles with themes that apply to the season.

Cohesive Design

Last but certainly not least, make sure you tie your brand style together with a cohesive design. Using the same fonts and color scheme on all of your graphics and brand imagery helps your followers learn to associate them with your business and creates a consistent brand identity. This includes your profile photo, cover photo, and all of your graphics for weekly posts.

Consider Our SOLO Essentials Plan at VitalStorm

If you are just dipping your toes in the water with business social media accounts, sometimes it helps to start off slow and raise your budget later. Our Social Local (SOLO) Essentials plan ensures our clients have branded content and compelling industry tips posted 2-3 times per week on their social media accounts.

To learn more about SOLO Essentials or any of our social media packages, give us a call today!

Our Social Local team at VitalStorm offers Social Media packages tailored to every budget. If you want to reap the benefits of a strong social media presence for your business, give us a call at 877-311-5695.

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