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    We want to commend you for taking this step. You won’t believe how many local service companies keep their head in the sand about their current website’s SEO health. We’ve found it’s usually because most believe it’s painful and expensive to engage in an SEO strategy. And, unfortunately, a lot of the company owners we’ve spoken with over the years have felt taken advantage of in the area of SEO.

    So, good for you for wanting to know where your site can improve. Someone on our team has received your request, and will soon kick off the process of assessing your website.

    What should you do with the assessment we send your way?
    Act on it! If you have someone on your team who manages this area of your business, get it in front of them. If you work with an agency, send it straight to them. If you aren’t sure, simply respond back to the email where this assessment was attached, and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction – or even step in to help ourselves!

    How do I know my SEO provider is getting the job done?
    The truth is, there are a million ways to slice SEO. And with each sales call you get, that person is going to be presenting another slice that seems to contradict what your current SEO provider is actively doing. It can be frustrating, not knowing what steps should be taken.

    Here’s what we recommend:
    Determine what you expect to gain from SEO. Measure that against what is possible within your budget. You’ve got to start with the end in mind, or you’ll find yourself bouncing from one place to another.
    Build a project list and a roadmap.
    Follow that roadmap with consistency.
    Continue to measure results against the goal you set out to accomplish in the first place (what you hope to gain from SEO)

    Here’s the thing… Yes, SEO requires expert knowledge and an effective, evolving strategy. But, what seems to be missing the most is clear communication and a partnership dedicated to the specific outcomes desired. They can be different from company to company, site to site, and budget to budget.

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