single point of contact in a digital marketing agency

What a Client Relationship Manager Can Do for You

At VitalStorm, every client is assigned a Client Relationship Manager as their main point of contact with the company. As a Client Relationship Manager, we’re responsible for working with our multiple internal teams to meet our clients’ business needs and keep clients informed of our progress.

While we might be your go-to person for quick questions like “What’s my Metrics login?” or “Can I change the email my email leads are going to?”, we’re here for much more than the simple requests. Though not the experts in the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or web development departments, our role is to ensure our client’s voice and motives are at the table when we’re strategizing internally as a group. We are also here to keep our clients informed of account success or hurdles.

We’re here to build a relationship with you to learn how we as a company can best help your business grow. And we work to accomplish that goal several ways.

Here are the benefits of a single point of contact in a digital marketing agency:

Stay Informed

We strive to keep our clients as informed as possible with the latest and greatest here at VitalStorm. Client Relationship Managers have ongoing discussions with some clients, and even bi-weekly or monthly account updates. For the clients who remain quieter, we set goals to have a quality conversation at least once every quarter to showcase PPC account performance, review websites, or offer refresher demonstrations of our in-house reporting platform called Metrics.

Our communication with clients normally revolves around our Metrics reporting in one way or another, because that’s where the data lives. I love breaking into Metrics data with our clients. But we recognize Metrics can live outside of our clients’ workplace world of emails, training sessions, and scheduling platforms. That’s why there is a report scheduling feature to Metrics that will send any of our Metrics reports directly to our clients’ email as often as they want.

Let’s say we have a client who wants to keep tabs on the type of calls they’re getting through our PPC services, ensuring that every call missed by a call center is promptly called back. We can schedule a daily Call History Report to be sent directly via email. Or if a client wants to keep tabs on the ad spend associated to Google and Bing, we would schedule a Campaign Performance Report to be emailed directly to the client on a weekly basis.

Room to Grow

The majority of our clients here at VitalStorm begin strictly with our PPC services. But when a client asks a question about our PPC services that could be addressed by one of our other services, that’s when we as Client Relationship Managers need to back up and look at the big picture.

If your in-house call-takers are not booking enough of the PPC leads to truly get your return on investment, we have a Customer Service Rep training program called VitalFeedback to help with that! If you’re unable to keep up with responding to online reviews or posting engaging content on your social media channels, our Social/Local services can help. If you’re looking for a turn-key solution to update your website to follow Google’s Best Practices, that’s what we’re here for.

I’ll often call on the help of our Opportunities Managers to address an issue to ensure that our services would meet your business goals. They’re our sales team and are trained to do high-level research to determine how our services can best serve you.

In-Person Account Reviews

We are a preferred marketing vendor with Success Group International (, a trade-association devoted to helping Home Service companies build their business. To make ourselves available to our clients, we attended these bi-annual conferences to provide opportunities for in-person account reviews.

Yes, we’re going to show you Metrics. But the advantage of these in-person account reviews is to have a candid discussion, perhaps a larger-scale view than we typically can provide via email or 30-minute phone calls. Tell me about your long-term business goals or plans for the next year. Tell me about the seasonal dips you guys experience and how your business adjusts so we can better align our strategy or anticipate changes to your website.

Client Relationship Managers will be sending out invitations to SGI members soon to provide a chance to book an in-person account review during the Fall SGI conference from September 19-20 in New Orleans, LA.

To reach out to your Client Relationship Manager, email us at or give us a call at 972-961-7380.