How many qualified leads might your call center lose each day? Ever wonder how your call center is managing the leads driven by all those marketing dollars you’re spending? No matter how good your call center is, you are bound to let some leads get away. Even the most seasoned players lose leads.

By listening to each inbound call, we provide real-time stop-loss opportunities, resulting in increased booking percentage and revenue. With Metrics reporting, we’re able to learn exactly why an opportunity was lost and, with the Stop-Loss feature, notify you immediately.

When you get a customer all the way down the sales funnel only to have them abandon you last minute, not only will you struggle to win them back, but the lost opportunity could also result in damage to your reputation and brand messaging. You may have a serious leak in your sales funnel and not even know it.  You can now have a safety net in place to help stop the loss.

We understand that the sooner you detect the leaks in your sales funnel, the sooner you can patch them up. This is why tracking and analyzing your inbound calls data is the crucial first step for correcting any customer service problems. Once flaws and mistakes are identified, you are now one step closer to fixing them.

Here’s How It Works

When you activate our Stop-Loss feature, you’ll receive real-time alerts of each lead your call center fails to convert into a booked appointment. Each notification is delivered straight to your inbox along with access to the original recorded phone call.

From here, your call center or a manager can reach out again to try and flip the lost opportunity, and you’ll start to gain an understanding as to how you can better improve your call center.  Your call center may have problem areas without you even realizing. Once you identify these problem areas, you’re half-way to fixing them.

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