Direct Mail

What Is Direct Mail?

Direct mail is the process of mailing out coupons, offers and branded information to current or prospective customers.

This contact strategy is in the “consideration” stage of the sales funnel. And that’s just when you’re targeting prospective customers. Once you start targeting your messages to your current customers, you’re in the “drive action” stage of the funnel.

It’s a great way to stay top-of-mind to your current customers and to reach new ones.

What Gets Mailed to Customers?

Our direct mail strategy accommodates to three different types of mailers:

1. Letters

We know what you’re thinking: Who opens letters anymore? Your target audience, that’s who.

We send out letters to people who match your target demographic description, in which we advertise for tune-up and maintenance services.

2. Postcards

Postcards are a great, visual way to stay top-of-mind to your target audience. Your prospective customer doesn’t even have to open an envelope to get reacquired with your brand name and your upcoming specials.

3. Service Request Cards

Service request cards are kind of like post cards – but without all the visuals. In a way, these cards look a little more “official” and can draw attention with their Dot Matrix font. This option also costs a little less if you’re trying to reach new customers on a budget.

Your Target Market

We don’t just send out letters and cards to people in your service area. We target people who are more likely to not only check their mail and open letters, but also to request and purchase your services.

Here’s what we take into account:

  • Customer Age
  • Homeowner Status
  • Single or Multiple Family Dwelling
  • Household Income
  • Age of the Home
  • Home Value
  • Location
  • Customer Interests

Our Direct Mail Strategy

We send out monthly mailers based on seasonal strategies. In the summer and winter, we send out repair promotions, while in the fall and spring, we send out tune-up specials.

Because we track our efforts, conversions and sales through our exclusive reporting platform, VitalStorm Metrics, we’ve accrued data over time that lets us know when is the best time to send out a mailer and when is the best time to refrain.

We find that Direct Mail works best in conjunction with other marketing efforts as this is just another way you can get your brand name in front of a prospect or current customer.

How We Know It Works

On each letter, postcard or service request card we mail out, we include a tracking phone number, which allows us to monitor which calls come to you through our direct mail efforts.

We have a team of Lead Qualifiers who listen to each call longer than 30 seconds to mark the ones that lead to sales as “leads.” When you purchase our Direct Mail services, you automatically receive our Lead Qualifying services as well.

We take reporting one step further.

In our unique customer reporting dashboard, VitalStorm Metrics, we track all your calls, your conversions and your revenue brought in through our efforts.

Anytime you log in to Metrics, you’ll be able to see your total profits for the current Direct Mail campaign. You can even see a satellite view of each individual house we delivered to.

If you’re ready to gain even more leads through Direct Mail, give us a call today. Dial the number at the top of the screen or fill out our contact form.