location-specific pages

Location-specific pages (sometimes known as city pages) are web pages that highlight a specific area you service. You can do this per city or, if you have a rather large service area, you can break this up into counties. Adding these pages to your website has a number of benefits. We’ve highlighted four of those benefits that are relevant to you as a home service company owner.

1. Proximity to Qualified Customers

When you implement location-specific pages on your website, you’re drawing in pre-qualified customers. These people who are searching for services within your vertical (HVAC, water damage restoration, etc.) in a specific city or county are uniquely qualified customers. In other words, prospective customers who are in California wouldn’t be able to receive your services if you only work in and around Detroit.

These location-specific pages allow you to target the kind of customers you’re looking for. Without these pages, you might find yourself losing money on digital marketing efforts by losing the lead.

2. Dissuading Unqualified Customers

Having your service areas clearly labeled on your website isn’t just good for luring in pre-qualified customers. It’s also a great deterrent for unqualified customers.

If the hypothetical Californian we mentioned in the last point visits your website and finds that you mostly service Detroit and other surrounding cities, they’re not as likely to call you. This saves you time and, therefore, money.

3. Specific Service Showcasing

Your Services page is meant to showcase everything you can do for your customer. There you’ll be able to link to pages that showcase specific services. These pages are great if people are looking for things like “water damage restoration” or “circuit panel repair” in general. But if they’re looking for, say, “plumbing in Dallas, TX” or “roofing 75243,” this is where your location-pages shine.

Here, you have a unique opportunity to express your best, most enticing services to people in a specific area or region. Someone looking for just “plumbing in Dallas, TX” might not know what exact service they need. This page can highlight different solutions they might not have previously considered.

4. One Domain Means More Money for You

You might have already considered the importance of highlighting specific locations on your website. In fact, you might be so serious about this tactic that you have a different website domain for each location.

Here’s a secret: You’re losing money this way.

Maintaining different domains adds up, cost-wise. If you have one website with location-specific locations on it, you’re eliminating the need for different domains and saving money in the long-run.

Although you recognize the importance of targeting specific cities on your website, you may also find that implementing this yourself is timely as a business owner. Hiring an in-house SEO specialist can also be expensive.

The digital marketing professionals at VitalStorm understand the importance of location-specific pages to your home service website and understand how they benefit Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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