how to post on social media around the holidays

The holidays offer a unique opportunity to create festive content that keeps your followers intrigued and engaged. Your followers are already bombarded with typical boring ads for holiday sales every time they go online or open up an app, so it can be a huge advantage to think outside the box. If your holiday content stands out from the crowd, it can drive up your engagement from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. Here are some tips on how to post on social media around the holidays from our team of social media strategists at VitalStorm.

Deck the Halls Online

Imagine your business’ social media profile is like its digital storefront. The same way you might hang a wreath on the door or string some lights for the holidays, you should update your online profiles to include holiday imagery. Add some holly, candy canes, or a Santa hat to your company logo or your Facebook cover photo. Continue with the holiday icons and pops of color in your images for regular posts as well. Keep your brand identity in mind and use consistent fonts, colors, and styles in your holiday images.

Share Helpful Holiday DIY Tips

Many people have extra strains on their budgets during the holidays from buying food, presents, and decorations. If they spot a tip that can help them solve a problem or create something useful themselves, they are more likely to be interested. Sharing DIY tips via video is even better than simply posting them. Social media users react more positively to videos and are more likely to share video content with their own networks.

Start Festive Conversations

Interacting with your followers in a meaningful way on a regular basis is always the goal for social media strategy. The holidays offer an ideal window of opportunity for starting a conversation with your followers by posting about the festivities. Ask everyone to comment with their favorite Thanksgiving side dish, invite followers to vote in a poll for hot chocolate vs. eggnog, or encourage them to share photos of their holiday lights. Consumers are much more eager to contribute their opinions on holiday dishes, drinks, or lights than they are to stare at another banal advertisement. If your holiday content is interesting, you will form a favorable impression with your audience and build a foundation for future sales.

Offer A Contest or Giveaway

Giveaways are ideal for driving online interactions with your followers throughout the year, but they can be extra meaningful during the holidays. Engage your followers in a conversation about the holidays, but with an extra incentive: one lucky participant will win a free gift or coupon for your services. You could let followers vote on submitted photos of holiday light displays and award the prize to the winning house, or you could ask followers to comment on their favorite Christmas movie on a post and randomly select one winner. There are numerous ways to use the holiday season and the popularity of online contests to your advantage in your strategy.

We hope these tips will help you brainstorm how to post on social media around the holidays.

When it comes to incorporating the holiday season into your social media identity, the possibilities are endless. The more creative you make your holiday posts, the more effectively they will increase engagement from your audience.

Our Social Local team at VitalStorm understands how to create engaging holiday content for social media. If you are interested in boosting your social media performance and overall reach, give us a call at 877-311-5695.