How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

by on July 18, 2019


Grow Your Email Marketing List

Email marketing can be an incredibly effective way to reach prospective and current clients. Unlike other forms of digital marketing, where your audience must seek out your content in order to make contact with it, email marketing can reach your audience members right where they are, giving a little reminder that your company is there to help them. That’s all fine and grand, but it’s not worth knowing if your email list is small. Here’s how to grow your email marketing list.

One. Collect Email Addresses on Your Forms

Your internal office may not think to collect an email address from your prospects or current customers. After all, they’ll just be calling them to confirm the customer’s appointments. It’s important, however, to illustrate the importance of collecting email addresses to your customer-facing staff members.

Be upfront and honest about your email marketing strategy. It’s more likely that people will comply with your new instructions if they understand the change of pace.

You can also just revamp your forms (printed or online) to include a section for an email address. You can then pull that information from the form and store it in an Excel sheet or upload it directly into your chosen email marketing platform.

Two. Ask People to Subscribe to Your Newsletter

If you have valuable information on your website, people may be interested in getting updates about new blog posts or videos you produce. Putting together a monthly (at least) newsletter can be a great way to keep your customers and prospects in touch with valuable information and informed about your specials.

But even if you’re already producing a newsletter, it’s not worth much if people can’t subscribe to it. Have your developer create a section on your website that prompts people to subscribe to your newsletter by entering their email addresses.

If you have a WordPress website, you can do this yourself with a simple widget. You can also automatically import the email addresses into your email marketing platform’s contact list with a Plugin.

Three. Create Gated Content

Another great way to grow your email marketing list is to create gated content. This means that you have a piece of content (an exclusive eBook, infographic, or video, for example) that online users can only access if they provide you with their email address first.

The best way to implement this approach is through a landing page. So, you can advertise the exclusive piece of content in the banner on your home page or through a paid search ad, and then once the online user clicks through to receive this bit of content, a landing page will prompt them to enter their email address.

It’s that easy!

These strategies will absolutely grow your email marketing list over time. This means that you’ll have even more calls rolling in soon. If you need help setting up a monthly newsletter, creating a subscribe widget, or writing a piece of exclusive content, reach out to the professionals at VitalStorm. We deliver leads.