How Social Media Improves Your Search Engine Ranking

by on July 26, 2019

How Social Media Improves Your Search Engine Ranking

Does social media impact SEO? Content marketing professionals have been asking themselves this question for years. As social media usage continues to dominate the internet, it is important to understand how you can harness its power for your website.

Our Social Local team at VitalStorm works closely with our Content Writing team to create a strategy for our clients that both increases engagement on social media and improves search engine ranking with the right keywords. Here are our thoughts on the relationship between social media and search engine optimization.

What Is Your Search Engine Ranking?

If you are well-versed in content marketing, you can probably skip this section. If you are a business owner who is curious about the value of social media and content marketing services, listen up!

Your search engine ranking measures the position where your website appears in the results for a specific search query. Using keywords related to the products and services your company provides, the goal is to get your website as close to the first page of Google’s search results as possible. This increases the likelihood that someone searching for your products and services will find your company organically.

There are lots of factors that determine how well your website will rank with Google’s algorithm. One of the most helpful methods to increase exposure to your website and improve your search engine ranking is to post regular blog articles on your website. These articles can target specific keywords and help you reach a broader audience of potential customers.

How Does Social Media Impact Your Search Engine Ranking?

So, the question remains: if your search engine ranking is determined by Google, what does that have to do with social media? The answer lies in the way you use social media posts.

Posting Links

If you post links to your blog articles on social media, your audience of followers will be much more likely to see them and click on them. As viewers from your social media channels increase the traffic to your website link, Google is more likely to give that page of your website an increasingly better position within the search results.

This is one of the most immediate benefits social media can have on search engine ranking. The results will be noticeable in your pageviews for specific blogs right away.

Creating Brand Awareness

Social media can also influence your website keyword rankings a little bit less directly, but with equally impactful results. Social media posts help create brand awareness for your business. When people are more familiar with a particular brand, they are more likely to search for it.

These “branded searches” happen when a potential customer searches for your company name with a major keyword. For example, someone looking for an electrician in your service area might search “[Your Company Name] outlet repair.”

This matters because when Google’s algorithm detects your company name appearing frequently with a keyword like “outlet repair,” your website will rank higher for that keyword on its own. This increases the likelihood that someone new will find your website on one of the first few pages of Google search results when they search for “outlet repair.”

This aspect of the partnership between social media and content marketing may take some time to work its magic on your ranking. Think of the path to brand awareness as a marathon instead of a quick sprint.

Key Takeaways for Social Media Content

With your goal to improve your search engine ranking in mind, there are several key action items for your social media content.

  • Prioritize quality over quantity. It might be tempting to spam your followers with lots of posts to get your business in front of them as many times as possible, but ultimately they’ll resent you for it. If you create relevant content that provides valuable information or entertainment to your audience, they will be more likely to engage with your brand and remember your name when they need products or services.
  • Use keywords on your social pages. Facebook and Twitter business pages can rank on the first few pages of Google search results just like regular websites can. Use keywords associated with your business in the “about” section on your social pages to help customers in your service area find you.
  • Boost your social content strategically. If there’s room in your marketing budget, spend some money on boosted posts. By paying Facebook to boost content that is linked to your main website (like blog articles or your coupon page), you will create more traffic on your website. This can be one of the quickest ways to use social media to improve your search engine ranking.

Still Wondering How Social Media Improves Your Search Engine Ranking?

If you are interested in improving your social media engagement and your search engine ranking for your website, VitalStorm can help. Give us a call to learn more about our Social Local team and our content strategy.

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