How PPC Works - pay-per-click marketingHow does pay-per-click marketing work?

The beauty of PPC is that your ad only shows up in front of customers who are looking for your product or service at that specific time. It’s called direct-response marketing and it makes sure that potential buyers who are looking for your service in your area will be able to find you 24/7. PPC makes it easy to target specific customers and measure specific results.

Even if your ad doesn’t get clicked on, it still helps to increase brand awareness and get your company’s name into the public’s consciousness. You can’t beat lowering your cost to acquire a new customer while simultaneously increasing brand awareness.

Our PPC campaign managers optimize keywords, bidding strategies, and landing pages every day to get you the best leads at the lowest cost. We use call tracking to listen in on the actual sales call to determine whether or not the lead was qualified and put all our data into Metrics for you to see.

This way, we can give you more accurate data on your PPC campaigns, as well as feedback for improving your booking percentage.

If you want to show up on the top of search engine results, the only choice you really have is PPC. If you are experiencing low sales and call volume, it is probably because your customers are finding your competitors before they find you. Make sure that doesn’t happen by being at the very top.

Do a quick Google search; what do you see? Most likely the first three results will all be paid search ads, along with a list of PPC ads on the sidebar. If you are thinking to yourself, “but no one clicks on ads,” you’d be wrong.

A recent study showed that 44.5% of those surveyed could not identify paid search ads from organic listings. Also, for words with high commercial intent, like “electrical repair” or “new furnace,” 64.6% of people click on the paid search ads over the organic listings.

Google made over $33.3 billion dollars last year, with PPC ads accounting for 97% (32.2 bn). As a result, paid search is gaining ground and increasingly taking up more and more above-the-fold space. Paid ads now take up over 85% of above-the-fold pixels and account for over 41% of clicks.

We have been driving growth for some of the toughest PPC markets for years, with no signs of slowing down. Nearly everyone who signs up for PPC with VitalStorm ends up staying long-term, increasing their budget as they win more business and signing up for our additional marketing solutions, such as Feedback, Lead Nurturing, Social Media, and Stop-Loss. What are you waiting for?

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