For several years, Human Resources Manager Lilly Flores juggled multiple jobs at VitalStorm, including Office Manager. Though she was able to handle the duties with both grace and efficiency, as our company grew, it became apparent that she would need some help. Enter Danielle Ward, a Lead Qualifier for VitalStorm with the ideal background for the role. The dynamic team member was already a respected coworker who had won the admiration of her department. Choosing her to fill the role proved to be an easy one as she had already built an impressive resume in Office Administration. In addition to her myriad tasks, our company will now have an official point person to greet clients and guests. This small, but pivotal, change has already added a more personal and professional touch; two descriptors that perfectly embody her work ethic. Danielle took some time out of her busy schedule to discuss her new role and her plans for the future.

Can you share some of your professional background?

I have worked in many fields, but majority of my work experience has been in office administration and payroll.


You started out working as a Lead Qualifier at VitalStorm. What made you interested in applying for the Office Manager position?

What interested me most about the office manager position was kind of being the face of the office and the point of contact when visitors enter and being first to exude the core values.


Both positions require very different skill sets. How did you approach the transition from one job to another?

The transition was smooth for the most part. As with anything new or any change there are adjustments to make. I kept an open mind, stayed organized and happily welcomed the challenge of the new role.


What has been your biggest challenge since becoming the VitalStorm Office Manager?

The biggest challenge I guess was learning and adjusting to all the different personalities in the office as well as being able to wear many different hats. The main thing in this role is being able to multitask, and since I’ve always been good at that it made it all a little easier.


What are your plans for the department in the next six months?

In the upcoming months I plan to continue to keep the office running smoothly, and growing more as a member of VitalStorm as well as taking on more responsibility.


What do you personally bring to the company culture at VitalStorm?   

I bring a positive attitude, my hard work, dedication and trustworthiness. I want VitalStorm to continue to succeed, therefore my daily focus is to better the office environment to help with that. Lastly, I exude our companies core values…attitude, work ethic and self-awareness!!


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