2017 was another year of steady growth for VitalStorm, with new clients and team members bringing both inspiration and creative challenges to the workforce. Adding to our expansion was our partnership with CallPoint, a new call center solution for home services – exclusive to SGI (Success Group International) members. The new team of CSR’s is lead by VitalStorm veteran Wendy Roberson. With her vast knowledge of Call Center Training as the Feedback Team Lead, Wendy will head up this unique service that fits perfectly within the marketing portfolio we offer our clients. Wendy and CallPoint managers Matt George and Jamie Tankersley took some time to speak with us about the department and the plans for expansion in the coming year.

What was the impetus for partnering with Call Point?

For some time now, VitalStorm has believed a call center would be a great fit for the services we provide our customers.  Since my start, almost 6 years ago, it has been something we’ve been moving towards as a company.  When CallPoint reached out to Jeff & Josh it was a good marriage of their experience in call centers and our experience in every day calls.  We’ve partnered with SGI (Success Group International) so we can continue to help our customers grow their bottom line by capturing more of the leads that come into their call centers.

Can you explain its primary function and how it helps the client?

Our mission at VitalStorm is to get more leads in order to help our clients grow their business. But that can only go as far as the call center. CallPoint allows our Electricians, Plumbers, Roofers and HVAC companies to specialize in their areas of expertise and leave the customer service to the experts in call centers. The Callpoint team spends their days focused on how they can create a better customer experience for callers and, in turn, create lifelong customers.

How does the Call Center work within the other departments of VitalStorm?

The CallPoint CSR role is two-fold, primarily a CSR and secondarily a Lead Qualifier. CallPoint works closely with the Lead Qualification department, which allows our team members to continue to add to the success of VitalStorm during slower periods, yet still maintaining capacity during busier times. We also add value to the Success Team (Client Relations) as they can offer CallPoint to customers who have a less than desirable booking percentage as a solution to help them get it back on track.

What are the plans for growth in the new year?

There is exciting growth to come in 2018. We’ve had tremendous interest in CallPoint since Expo, and currently have about a dozen customers in line to come on board. Our goal is to have 30 customers onboard by mid 2018, and our team is already growing. We’ll continue to hire more qualified team members as we add more customers and calls.

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