How Call Tracking Improves PPC Results, Sales and Service

Did you know that phone leads have a higher conversion rate than any other type of lead? In fact, call tracking data tells us that phone calls convert at a 10-15x higher closing rate than form or chat leads.

Human interaction is still the best way to land sales. No matter how convenient a form or click can be, nothing instills more confidence than a live voice.

While phone calls are the holy grail of marketing, you may not be taking full advantage of them. Call tracking enables you to associate phone calls with your marketing efforts, whether that be organic, referral, social media, pay-per-click, or mass media.

The biggest challenge is having the right strategy to convert phone leads once you get them.

By listening to and recording incoming calls, you can improve your book percentage and customer service. Learn more about our Feedback program, which provides customer service training to book more leads.

Whenever you are running paid search campaigns (PPC), it’s essential that you monitor your performance. You don’t want to drive blind.

Call tracking enables you to monitor your marketing campaigns, leading to better decision-making and optimization at both ends of your conversion funnel.

Call Tracking 101

  1. John finds your ad (in this case, clicks on your pay-per-click ad)
  2. John calls the number listed on your ad.
  3. The call connects.
  4. Key information is gathered and stored, such as call duration, keyword, campaign, and more.

We track and record all phone calls coming from our campaigns so you can get a true cost-per-lead, booking percentage, and other Vital Metrics.

Learn more about how call tracking works.

Why You Should Have Call Tracking for PPC Campaigns

By tracking the actual phone calls that are made as a result of your PPC campaigns, you can accurately measure the keywords, ads, and landing pages that are leading to qualified leads. This not only helps you measure the effectiveness of your PPC campaign, it also helps you improve on the campaigns that are not working as well.

Call tracking allows you to connect the keywords, ads, and landing pages that are bringing you the highest quality calls.

If you go even further than call tracking, you can monitor your contact center and provide training to improve booking percentage and customer care.

Local Phone Numbers

Improve conversion rates and convince customers of your local service by using specific local phone numbers with geo-targeting.


When you have a landing page or website, it’s important to have an easy click-to-call button so searchers can call you directly. In fact, a Google study found that 70% of mobile searchers use the click to call button from the organic and paid mobile search results.

Unique Tracking Numbers

With unique tracking numbers you can get a complete report on your marketing initiatives and which ones are generating the best leads. 

Optimize Keywords

Call tracking shows you which keywords and campaigns are driving the most traffic to your call center.

When you know which marketing channels and keywords are leading to the most calls, you can successfully allocate your ad spend to the right places.

Know Where Customers Are Coming From

Call tracking not only enables you to tell where your customers are calling from (SEO, Social Media, Mass Media, PPC), with geographic-based call routing, you can see where they are located. This can help you shift your marketing focus to where it matters most. Correct attribution for marketing efforts is critical to your business.

Know When Customers Are Calling

Call tracking gives you data on when you are most likely to receive an increase in call volume, allowing you to hire the necessary help to deal with the demand increase.

Call Tracking Tips & Tricks

  1. Clearly Display Your Number

Make sure your phone number is displayed on all your web pages, social media, paid ads, and landing pages.

  1. Track It All

Track your calls from paid ads using dynamic phone numbers. This allows your customer to see one number while redirecting the number to a call tracking system to gather all the necessary information including recording the entire phone call.

  1. Analyze It All

By analyzing the call tracking information, you can see which keywords and campaigns are driving the most calls. When you focus your efforts on the campaigns and keywords that are driving the most business, you can get more qualified leads for your budget.

VitalStorm takes it a step further by qualifying every call to establish a true cost-per-lead and booking percentage. We also offer in-depth Feedback CSR training to take advantage of all the call center leads.

  1. Call Center Feedback

With call tracking and recording, you can give your call center representatives a grade and feedback on how to improve. With a Feedback Call Tracking System, you can easily double your call center conversion booking rate.

  1. Integration

By integrating your call tracking with the PPC campaigns, you can optimize your campaigns and call centers for the biggest bang for your buck.

  1. Retargeting

With call tracking, you can retarget your calling customers into remarketing lists. These retargeting lists will re-engage customers with display ads using cookies or custom events.

Exclusive VitalStorm Call Tracking Features & Benefits

Vital Metrics

The VitalStorm Metrics software puts all the vital information in one place. You can see what online activity results in conversions, call center booking percentages, number of incoming leads, cost-per-lead, return-on-investment, and much more.

By keeping track of all your marketing dollars and where they are going, you are able to make better, smarter decisions for your business. No more complicated statistics and graphs. Just all the important numbers in one place.


Now that we have partnered with ServiceTitan, your call tracking and ad metrics can be integrated with ServiceTitan’s cloud-based CRM, dispatch, reporting, and QuickBooks integration. This beginning-to-end marketing tracking brings everything together and gives your technicians an easy mobile solution for their work. 

Lead Qualifiers

Not every call is a lead, which is why VitalStorm listens to and records every single phone call. This allows you to track true leads for more accurate cost-per-lead and booking percentage numbers.


From listening to millions of phone calls for home services, we’ve noticed what separates a good CSR from a great CSR. Our fun and effective Feedback training program gives your customer service team the knowledge and confidence to perform at their best.


CallPoint is offered to our friends from Success Group International (SGI). Callpoint provides high-quality customer service representatives for increased efficiency and call conversion.

You can only know if the phone call led to a sale or if the conversation influenced the conversion with comprehensive call tracking.

Contact VitalStorm for the full Call Tracking package, including Feedback and Metrics.

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