“Everyone in the company is passionate about their work, which also means they’re passionate about how that translates on screen.” – Amanda Cortes

Sometimes the VitalStorm office feels more like a gathering of good friends than a rapidly growing internet marketing company. But it’s the friendly chatter and boisterous laughter emanating from work stations that helps to separate us from the competition. A healthy sense of humor and genuine enthusiasm for the work motivates our staff – and strengthens the camaraderie inherent in our culture. Leading the way by spirited example are Web Development Team Leader Amanda Cortes and Lead Graphic Designer Courtney Egan. Both friends and collaborative team members, they spearhead the Creative Department in artistic innovation – and good humor.

Every work day is given a shot of adrenaline by their laughter and boundless energy; both equally contagious. The two Vital veterans, who have each been with the company for more than two years, are the architects of the visual landscape that defines our company and the various marketing platforms of our clients. Whether it’s coordinating landing page templates or putting together the monthly newsletter, their similar aesthetic sensibilities imbue a dynamic life to every project. In between their hard deadlines, the two art school graduates took some time to answer a few questions about their roles and collaborative process.

Could you both briefly describe your roles on the Creative Team?

Amanda: I project manage website development and lead the development team on all creative endeavors.

Courtney: I design and produce graphics for landing pages, websites, blogs, social media and lead the growing design team.

The two of you work together on a variety of ongoing projects. Can you discuss your collaborative process and how it informs/impacts the others within the department? 

Amanda: Courtney and I like to roll up our sleeves and really dig into the thick of design and user experience. We brainstorm, literally take things to the drawing board, and sometimes even disagree.

Courtney: We bounce ideas back and forth, and make sure we get the message right. I believe we set a good example to the rest of our team on what teamwork looks like.

The VitalStorm departments (primarily) work independently of each other. How does the Creative Team work/collaborate with the other departments?

Amanda: Everyone in the company is passionate about their work, which also means they’re passionate about how that translates on screen. Courtney and I take a lot of input from other teams and we try to hear them out on what they think the best practices are for the products we collaborate on.

Courtney: The department we collaborate most with is the PPC team. When we created the newest landing page template, it was crucial for us to work closely with the PPC team to be sure everyone was on board with the new look.

What are the biggest challenges that you face on a daily/monthly basis – both as a team and individually?

Amanda: Receiving input from other parties is like a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can give you direction. On the other hand, it can face you with challenges. There’s always pressure to try and please the masses.

Courtney: The biggest challenges we face are time constraints. We have solid deadlines and a hefty workload. While we pride ourselves on meeting those deadlines, it can be a challenge to juggle projects. Our top priority is to ensure our clients look good and we’ll always make time for that.

How do the two of you contribute to the company culture?

Amanda: Oh, we try to go all out on theme days and holiday decor. Not to brag, but our motto has always been “Go big or go home.”

Courtney: We like to throw parties and entertain people. Our office area reflects our creative style. We go all out for holidays. No one wants to compete with our holiday decorating skills because we’re crazy!

On a related note: It is generally acknowledged that the two of you are the unofficial office decorating committee. Your space in the office is always very festive during certain holiday seasons. It’s never too early – can you give us some hints on what to expect for this Halloween?

Amanda: Two words: Vampire. Coffin.

Courtney: No comment.

If you’d like to know more about what Amanda, Courtney and the VitalStorm Creative Team can do for your company, call us today at 877-311-5695 to schedule an interview.