VitalStorm Cares: Philanthropy Shouldn’t Be a Publicity Stunt

the last well

VitalStorm Partners With The Last Well

In the hustle and bustle of corporate America, finding ways for a company to make an impact in the world can be tough. We get caught up in making money, climbing the ladder and trying to make it to the top, and in the process it’s possible to pass by opportunities to make a real difference for other people.

While VitalStorm endeavors to be a top-tier digital marketing agency for home service providers, we also want to use our platform to help drive meaningful change in ways that don’t involve a boardroom. One way we do that is through corporate partnerships, one of which is with The Last Well.

This partnership began in 2013, when VitalStorm co-owner Jeff Light attended a meeting with Todd Phillips, who began The Last Well after desiring to make a global impact akin to William Wilberforce’s abolition of the British slave trade. Light told Josh Moran, the other half of VitalStorm’s ownership, and the two decided to begin donating a portion of VitalStorm’s proceeds to the organization.

What The Last Well is aiming to do is extraordinary. They identified a need – in this case, a severe lack of clean water in the west African country of Liberia – and put together a roadmap to solve it. The Last Well’s goal is to provide Liberia with border-to-border access to clean, drinkable water as well as access to the Gospel by the end of 2020, and they’re well on their way.

VitalStorm has a set of core values we abide by, among which are Care, Innovation and Thankfulness. This partnership allows VitalStorm to express these values in a meaningful, practical way – so you know that when you trust VitalStorm to handle your digital marketing solutions, you’re contributing to something that enacts long-lasting, permanent change.

In addition to the proceeds VitalStorm gives to The Last Well, you can also visit their website,, and help out by sponsoring a village, donating a safe water system, or by just offering a general donation.