Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, your service business just can’t seem to get where you want it to be? Have you felt like you’re missing out on your life and your family while working to move your business forward? Have you wondered whether the long hours, the exhaustion and the struggle are worth it? Mike Agugliaro, the co-founder of CEO Warrior, is probably one of the few people who can understand. That’s why he dedicates his time and efforts to helping service businesses like yours.

To get an idea of what CEO Warrior is doing and its co-founders’ goals, check out this interview between VitalStorm president Jeff Light and Mike Agugliaro. In this webinar, you will learn more about what CEO Warrior is, Agugliaro’s personal experiences in the service industry and what he is doing to help business owners struggling to grow their companies just like he once did. Here are some key takeaways from the interview.

1. History of Agugliaro’s Work in The Service Industry—Important to Learn the Right Strategies to Grow Your Business and Prevent Burnout

Co-founder of CEO Warrior, Mike Agugliaro started Gold Medal Electric at the young age of 24 with CEO Warrior co-founder Rob Zadotti. They both struggled, worked long hours, found themselves getting home late and worked several weekends. The growth of the business seemed like an unattainable goal which eventually lead to burnout and thoughts about quitting. However, they were quick to realize that the issue was simply not having a clear understanding of the strategies behind growing a business. That is when Zadotti and Agugliaro began to invest time and effort into their education and learn what some of the best companies were doing. Slowly, they took their company from under a million dollars to being worth 32 million. They went from having a few helpers and 2 vans to 65 trucks, 200 employees and 40,000 customers a year. They were able to have enough help to take a more hands-off approach so they could spend time with their families. Eventually, they sold their business and shifted their focus to CEO Warrior.

CEO Warrior understands how difficult it is to start and grow your service business. It’s easy to get swept up in the exhaustion of it all and Agugliaro finds that many of his clients come to him tired of constantly struggling. The goal of CEO Warrior is to work with these businesses and inspire them to grow and change and be the best they can be. Through webinars, live events, and workshops, CEO Warrior has set out to help business owners change their lives.

2. Mindset is Everything

Agugliaro says that anyone can come with tips on marketing, sales etc. But very few people focus on changing mindsets permanently. CEO Warrior’s goals are to change the mindsets and thinking of business-owners so they can perform and grow in the long-run. You can’t teach new skills when they have the same old mindset.

3. Working in The World of COVID-19—Plan Ahead

Because of CEO Warrior’s philosophy of being prepared and planning, COVID-19 was not able to affect their business. Before the threat of lockdown, the company carried out 20 hours of trainings and workshops in the matter of a few weeks and had been telling clients to experiment with remote work. Planning is an effective strategy in keeping your business safe and prepared.

4. How Can Someone Get Involved with CEO Warrior?

You can find many materials on ceowarrior.com, check out YouTube videos and podcasts. In addition, you can register for training and workshops to get additional materials and learn the secrets of growing your business!